When someone exhibits unwanted aggressive behavior towards us or another, we will show you how to deal with this.

When someone issues a threat to abuse or dominate another it is seen as an act of bullying. Being bullied is a common situation that children and even adults are faced with daily. It is often difficult to understand why the person is being aggressive towards us and how to diffuse their aggressive behavior. Bullies will often wait to exhibit this behavior until we are isolated and there are minimal chances for them to be corrected by an authority figure, which is often a teacher or another adult. This type of behavior can happen just about anywhere: in class, on the bus, in your neighborhood. All over the world, there are some heinous acts and behavior that is carried out by people, even though they are well aware that its bad and it shouldn't be done. One such act is bullying. Do you know what it is? Let us see. Bullying is an act where a person or group of persons pick on others. It is an aggressive and unwanted behavior, typically in school aged children where they use perceived or real power imbalance. It also involves giving threats to someone, spreading rumors about someone, as well as attacking someone on purpose. Bullying is usually of three types: Verbal bullying, social bullying and physical bullying. Verbal bullying involves the use of words like calling mean names, teasing, passing sexual comments or threatening to cause harm. In social bullying, the most common behavior is spreading rumors about someone. It also includes telling someone not to be friends with a specific person or leaving someone behind purposefully. Physical bullying is attacking someone, slapping, hitting, punching, and even spitting. Here is something very important: bullying is extremely horrible, and you should never do it. If you ever see someone being bullied, make sure you call an elder one for help!

There are several techniques that we can use to soften these situations. It is often overwhelming to start using these practices but having good and consistent habits are one of the best ways to counter this. The first thing to do is to speak up and say that something wrong is going on. In some cases, this is simply enough to change the situation. If that does not help, ask other peers around you to speak up as well. If that does not help, seek out the help of an adult. It is best is perpetrator knows the adult, so that an established relationship can be followed up with this person. The worksheets in section will help you learn to identify these behaviors and develop methods for extinguishing the situations.

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Printable Bullying Worksheets

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Recess is Ruined

What do you think Kevin did when he ran back inside? What do you think he should do?

Is it Conflict or Bullying?

State whether each situation is bullying or conflict and explain why.

Conflict vs. Bullying

Marissa is very good in science. Her best friend Betty struggles in science, and Marissa frequently helps her with her homework. Marissa likes Betty regardless of her grades. But when Marissa wins the science fair and a scholarship to go to Space Camp in Florida over the summer, Betty suddenly stops talking to Marissa.

What Would You Do?

What do you think is going on in the picture?

Chalkboard Humiliation

Label each sentence GOOD if it is a good way for Jeremy to deal with the situation, or BAD if it is a bad way for Jeremy to deal with the situation.

Bullying or Not?

At the very back of the bus, two bigger boys take Paul’s backpack and start to pull things out of it. Paul asks them to stop, but that only makes them laugh.

Reflecting on Bullying

Choose one of the journaling prompts and write in your journal.

Mean Girls

Watch the movie or movie clips. Answer the questions.

Feelings and Body Language

If you were the teacher, and you saw a student looking this way, what would you do?

How Would You Feel?

For each situation, color the thermometer to show how you would feel.

What Would You Say?

Your best friend has become the target of some bullies at school. They trip her in the hallway. They have told her that she is not allowed to use the bathroom closest to her classroom or they will beat her up. Your friend is now sometimes late for class because the other bathroom is so far away. The situation is starting to affect her grades.

What Happened Here?

Imagine it is show and tell day at school. The boy in the picture is one of your classmates. Just before school starts, you find him next to his locker looking like this.

How Do You Feel?

It is recess time. Some kids are playing soccer, but they won’t let you play. Another group of kids is playing tag. They don’t want you to play with them either.

How Do You Feel?

Read each scenario. How would it make you feel? Color in the happy face or the sad face.

Is it Bullying? What Would You Do?

Write what you would do in each situation and why.