There are things in life that we have ambition to attain or desire. You can plan to achieve these things.

There are things in life that we wish to achieve. If we plan strategically to achieve a goal, we will take on the right mindset to succeed these goals. This reminds me of the story of the four-minute. For fifty years in track and field running a mile in under four minutes was thought to be an impossible feat. In 1956 Roger Bannister achieved this feat. Then suddenly, other athletes began to regularly break that mark. To this day, just under fifteen-hundred people have broken this mark. This demonstrates the nature of any goal. Once it is viewed as possible, people have the proper mindset to achieve it. The first step towards accomplishing any task, you can think of, is planning.

We show you how process a goal using the SMART method. This involves setting a Specific goal that is as detailed as possible. We then decide on the best way to Measure this goal and in some cases decide upon milestones along the way. When we set this goal, it should be one that is fully Attainable. The goal must be realistic meaning that you have all the resources that you need to achieve it. The final aspect is to set a clear Timeline with pre-decided deadlines for each milestone. These worksheets will help you help work through a well designed process to help you achieve the outcome that you are hoping for. You can do this in a number of different ways, but the worksheets will show you a linear trajectory that will most likely make your task much more doable and let you have a little fun along the way. There is a spiral approach that is taken here. Make sure that you spend a good amount of time preparing these. I highly recommend that as you approach the later secondary school grades that you have a six-month, one year, three year, and five year plan for yourself. Every six months you should reevaluate this. It is a great personal process to get yourself going on.

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Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

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SMART Goal Setting

Make your goal measurable. How will you track your progress? How will you know you have reached it? Make it relevant to yourself. Why is it important for you to achieve this?

Setting: Reflections

What impact will this goal have in your life? What benefits will achieving it bring you? Who will be affected by this achievement?

SMART Checklist

Is it written in such a way that it is clear what you intend to achieve? Have you used numbers or dates where possible?

Health and Wellness

What specific actions will you take to meet this and make you feel like you reached a next level?

Goal Summary

This includes: Health, Financial, Try New Things, Long Term and Wellness

Goal Setting Worksheet

What are the resources and circumstances that you need in order to accomplish it?

Setting Academic Goals

Break your goal down into smaller steps that will move you closer to accomplishing it. Make sure that each step is measurable and attainable.

Set a SMART Goal

Be SPECIFIC: with Whom/with What/Where/When/Why/How will you accomplish it? What action steps will you take?

SMART Goal Setting

Is it possible for you to achieve? Do you have the resources you need? If not, how will you acquire them?

Big Changes | Small Steps

Think of something that you would like to change about yourself. For example, it could be academic, social, or related to health and wellness.

Goal Setting Guide

How will your life change, for the better, when you reach it?

Big and Bright

What are the exact steps you will take to accomplish it?

Is Your Goal SMART?

Use each box to explain how it is SMART.

The How Template

I will know I have reached the next level because...


A nice template for you to get all of your thoughts out there and on target.