Make it easy for your students to help keep the classroom tidy with these handy labels.

Everywhere we go we are bombarded with all different forms of advertising. When you are a youngster this can be overwhelming, all these symbols, letters, and numbers. What do they all mean? We can help kids make sense of their world by exposing them to a print-rich environment. This all starts in our classroom. In addition, it helps teachers and students stay organized with minimal effort. I’m not going to lie, when you first label everything in your classroom it is a long process. When I took control of my first classroom, it took me one day to figure out where everything should and another day to label everything. I can promise you that you save at least quadruple that amount of time by being organized. Students tend to clean up after themselves much better in this environment. Teachers end up given less instruction on where all the supplies go. Also, basic classroom procedures such as where do I sign out and where does my completed work go is automatic.

Help your students learn to recognize basic objects, practice life skills, and start building a foundation for organization with these classroom labels. They’ll find it easy to sort and separate art equipment, clean-up gear, craft supplies, and more when the storage areas are clearly identified. Younger students will also benefit from the object labels, which identify basic furniture, appliances, and decorative and functional pieces, helping them learn what things are called and how to spell the names. Idea: Use different colors of paper when printing the labels to visually group items with similar functions.

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Printable Word Based Labels For Classrooms

Click the buttons to print each label set.

Class Essentials

Keep track of all of your essential class writing packets with these labels.

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Art Supplies

General labels for broad categories of Art and Math supplies.

Cover the Windows

Close the curtains. Wait, maybe they’re blinds? These labels sort it out.

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Fun Stuff

When it's time for play, these labels point the way!

Loose Project Materials

Because you can't make a good sock puppet without buttons for eyes.

Keeping Time

Counting down to lunch time or the weekend? These labels show you what to use.

Sit and See Things1

We use them every day. Now your younger students will learn to identify them.

Funtime Supplies

Your budding sculptors will need to know where the play dough is. These labels help.

Take Away The Trash

These labels will help your students keep their classroom tidy, which is always nice.

Mixed Bag

Labels for a few odds and ends that you may or may not have in your classroom.

Kitchen Help

If your students keep their lunch in the refrigerator, they'll need to know what it is.


Art and craft supplies aren't always so neatly identified. These labels cover it.

Off the Shelf

A few more labels for identifying basic household and classroom objects.

Filled Cabinets

Which is the cabinet and which is the cupboard? These cards will identify them.

Hot Sink

More labels for basic objects, plus one to show your students where your desk is.

Lots of Lights

You can label your lamps, and show your students where to put their recyclables.

Fountains and Switches

If you have multiple switches in your class, identify which ones control the lights.

Eating Right

Lunch is one of the best parts of the day! Keep it organized with these labels.

Reference Labels

Sort and identify the various reading materials in the classroom.


More labels to identify basic room components.

Language Arts

Show your students where their homework is distributed or collected.

Big Visuals

Labels for the supplies you use for whole class presentations.

Extra Crafts

Because you can never have too many different craft supplies.

Throw Away

After all of the fun, it's time to clean the room. Help the trash get to the right place.

Cleaning Supplies

Finger painting is entertaining, but you'll want clean hands the rest of the day.

Potty Patrol

After lunch (and in emergencies), your students will need to know where to go.

To The Trash

A place for everything, and that includes the garbage. Get it to the right spot.