Grade 1 – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

If you are calling for a Substitute Teacher to manage your grade 1 class for the day, you have found the right place. If you are a Substitute Teacher for grade 1, you are in the right place too. We put together a nice package of worksheets and lessons for grade 1 students. They can work independently on most of the work. There are a number key grad 1 skills students must progress towards over the course of the year. We are working to get readers to be able to retell shirt stories that they have read and even writing about them. We are building their vocabulary to a point where they are ready to write their own sentences. When they write, we want them using their own personal perspective. This helps keep them engaged and motivated. They are slowly mastering their use of numerals up to thirty and they can add to ten. We are starting to explore geometry just a bit at the grade 1 level. Students do understand time and calendar concepts. Like the day of the week and name of the month. They start counting money towards the end of the school year. There is a social skills component, but those are only something you want to explore if you have the pleasure of working with this group of students for an extended period of time. This is because it takes at least several days to build a rapport with students of an entire class and be able to maintain control of learning and behaviors at this level.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the First Grade curriculum, including subjects such as simple math, beginning language skills, writing practice, art, and more. These worksheets can also be used as part of a standard lesson plan, extra credit work, quiet time activities, and more. Please note that in some cases, answer keys have been provided. These must be printed separately, as they are not included with the main page.

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Number Chart

Starting at 1, fill in the missing numbers.

Count by 2

Students will practice skip counting by twos with this chart from 2 to 60.

Super Square

A coloring activity to identify vowels and consonants.

Reading and Singing

Students will practice reading by identifying words in a well-known song.

Coloring Map

A color by letter activity that will reveal a fun picture when completed.

The Letter A

Students will practice short-A identifying and pronunciation.

Addition Boxes

Students will practice simple addition by adding numbers down and across.

Reading Comprehension

Students will read a short story and answer questions about it.

Vowels and Consonants

 A vowel is a helper letter in a word. Consonants are all the other letters of the alphabet that are not the vowels.

Starter Addition

Students will practice simple addition exercises.

Springing Maze

Students will solve a simple maze with a spring theme. And they can color it, too!

Juicy Apple

A connect the dots puzzle using letters instead of numbers to practice alphabetical order.

Beginning Sounds of Words

Students will identify words that begin with the same letter sound.


Students will practice simple subtraction exercises.

Kitty Addition

Students will practice simple addition exercises.

lower case

Students will match lower case letters with their upper case equivalents.

Ladybug Directions

A cute picture to color according to the directions.

Ending Blends

Students will match rhyming words to the appropriate picture.

Blend Me

Students will match rhyming words to the appropriate picture.

The Three Bears in Bed

A cute picture to color according to the directions.

Grade 1 Addition

Students will practice simple addition exercises.

Add These Numbers

Students will practice simple addition exercises.

Dot to Dot and his Name Starts with T

A connect the dots puzzle that can be colored.

Circle the Words

Students will circle each word that matches the word in the home column.

Saturn Rings

A connect the dots puzzle that can be colored.

Hansel's Maze

Help Hansel find his way to Gretel at the other side.

Write Your Name

Students will practice penmanship by writing their name.

Help the Hungry Gorilla find his Grapes

Students will solve a fun maze to get the gorilla to his snack!

Good Work!

Students will fill in the missing numbers on the number lines.