Grade 10 – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the Tenth Grade curriculum, including subjects such as geometry, language skills, algebra, vocabulary practice, Cartesian coordinate grids, the periodic table of elements, quadratic equations, writing prompts, calculating percentages, world geography, the order of operations, calculating perimeter and area, and more.

Tip: You can also use these worksheets as extra credit assignments, pop quizzes, as part of the regular curriculum, or more.

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Out of Control Oil in the Gulf of Mexico

2-page file with a full reading passage and a full set of free response questions.

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A Little Geometry

Students will calculate area and volume, and solve a quadratic equation.

Buddy the Hero!

Students will read a short news article and answer questions.

Algebra Number Block

Students will fill in the number block to get the correct answers in each row and column.

Using the Cartesian grid

Students will solve equations and plot the results on a grid.

Brain Teasers

Students will try to answer riddles using creative thinking.

Find the Missing Angles

Students will measure and solve for angles in various shapes.

Challenge Words

Students will use a word bank to find roots, place in order, and find synonyms.

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Mixed Fraction Operations

Students will add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed fraction equations.

Families (Groups) of the Periodic Table

Students will race to complete a blank periodic table of the elements.

Periodic Table Question Sheet

Students will use a periodic table of the elements to answer questions about elements.

Sudoku Puzzle

Students will complete two Sudoku puzzles, never using a number more than once, as per the rules.

Outer Bounds

Students will find and circle words in a word bank based on astronomy terms.

Quadratic Equations - Solve by factoring

Students will solve the quadratic equations by factoring.

Smith Motors Car Sales

Students will use a two-axis chart to answer questions.

Leading Population Centers

Students will use census data to prepare a bar graph and answer questions.

Cultural Percentages

Students will use census data to create a pie chart and answer questions.

10 Grade Math Review

Students will review standard mathematical operations by solving problems.

Perimeter and Area

Students will calculate perimeter and area for shapes of given measurements.

Complete the Sentences

Students will complete the sentences using the word bank provided.

Writing Prompts

Students will choose one of the provided writing prompts to complete a short journal entry.

Earth Day Scramble

Students will unscramble vocabulary terms related to Earth Day.

Elements & The Periodic Table

Students will match the vocabulary word with the definition.

Australia - The Continent Down Under

Students will label a blank outline of Australia, creating a map according to the directions.

Order of Operations

Students will solve various mathematical equations using the correct order of operations.

10 Grade Crossword Vocabulary

Students will complete a crossword puzzle based on vocabulary lessons.