Grade 11 – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the Eleventh Grade curriculum, including subjects such as writing critique, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, scientific terms, word tenses, determining volume, perimeter, and area, Shakespeare, ecology, critical thinking, quadratic equations, poetry, trigonometry, vocabulary review, and more.

Tip: You can also use these worksheets as extra credit assignments, pop quizzes, as part of the regular curriculum, or more.

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Passing A Note

From the information given by the students, can you determine what color each culprit was wearing, the subject they were studying and the order that they received the note?

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Number Block

Students will fill in the number block to get the correct answers in each row and column.

Bad Article?

Students will read and critique a news articles to correct improper writing.

Analytical Reasoning

Students will use logical deduction and analysis to answer questions about given data sets.

Debt Felt around the World

Students will answer questions about a presented news article.

Math Review

Students will solve various mathematical equations, such as determining x and y values.


Students will review vocabulary terms related to the study of ecosystems.

Linking Childhood Obesity

Students will read a news article and data and answer questions about the material.

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The Bee's Knees

Students will define certain specified words and answer questions concerning a news report.

Volume, Perimeter, Area

Students will match the volumes, perimeters, and areas of different shapes to the formulas used to calculate them.

Julius Caesar Vocabulary Quiz

Students will match vocabulary words suggested by Julius Caesar to their definitions.

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Students will complete a crossword puzzle using clues based on Shakespeare's play.

Sudoku Puzzle

Students will complete a Sudoku puzzle, never using a number more than once, as per the rules.

Content Words: Poetry

Students will match vocabulary terms from poetry to the correct definitions.

Brain Quizzes

Students will try to answer riddles and identify patterns using creative thinking.

Science terms and elements

Students will complete a crossword puzzle using clues based on the physical sciences.

Quadratic Equations

Students will solve various quadratic equations.

Foiled Again

Students will use the FOIL method to solve the mathematical equations.

Trigonometric Functions

Students will solve the trigonometric functions using a calculator or tables.

Tense Vocabulary

Students will choose the correct word to fill in the blanks in the sentences.

Math Choices

Students will choose from multiple choice answers for several different types of mathematical problems.