Grade 2 – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the Second Grade curriculum, including subjects such as simple math, beginning language skills, writing practice, art, and more. These worksheets can also be used as part of a standard lesson plan, extra credit work, quiet time activities, and more.

Please note that in some cases, answer keys have been provided. These must be printed separately, as they are not included with the main page.

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Travis's Tractor

Travis is getting his tractor trailer ready for a long trip.

The Beaver

Students will read a short passage about beavers and answer simple questions about what they read.

Draw the Beaver

Students will draw a picture based on the facts they learned in the previous worksheet.

Adding with No Carrying

Students will add two-digit numbers that do not require carrying over into the tens column.

Skip Counting

Students will complete the number lines according to the instructions for skip counting.

Add, Subtract, and One More

Students will fill in the number boxes according to the instructions.

Telling Time

Students will write the time as shown on analog clock faces.

Animal Unscramble

Students will unscramble the names of different types of animals.

Charlotte's Web Word Search

Students will find and circle words based on Charlotte's Web.

The Fox and the Grapesons

Students will read the classic Aesop fable and answer questions based on the text.

Add'em Up

Students will add single-digit numbers to two-digit numbers with some carrying.

Grade Two is the Greatest

Students will find and circle words about seasons, occupations, and more.

Spelling Words and Activities

Students will read the word banks to answer questions and place in order.

Clock Mania

Students will identify the correct time based on the analog clock faces.

What's the Deadliest Creature on Earth?

Students will read a short essay about the Box Jellyfish. Use with "Creature Questions" page below.

Creature Questions

Students will answer questions based on the essay on the "What's the Deadliest Creature on Earth?" page above.

Single Digit Subtraction

Students will subtract single-digit numbers from one- and two-digit numbers.

Winter Sports

Page 1 of 2. Students will unscramble words related to sports, then use designated letters to find a secret word.

Winter Scrambles

Page 2 of 2. Students will unscramble words related to sports, then use designated letters to find a secret word.

Counting By 2s Puzzle

Students will trace their way through a maze by following the numbers.

Word Shapes

Students will write number names in the correct boxes according to their shapes.

Dictionary Practice

Students will use a dictionary to answer questions about the seasons.


Students will use a ruler to measure given lines and determine the length in centimeters.

Spelling Lists

Students will practice spelling the word list by rewriting each word.

More Addition

Students will practice simple addition by adding one- and two-digit numbers.

Short "i" Search

Students will find and circle words with the short "i" sound.

Word Shapes

Students will place words from the word bank into the proper boxes according to their shapes.

The Letter "S" Puzzle

Students will work their way through an "S"-shaped maze.

Get On Top Of It

Students will circle each word that matches the base word in the home column.

What Is It?

Students will connect the dots to reveal a picture that can be colored.