Grade 3 – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

Grade 3 is about the age where students are ready to think abstractly. This also means that they are ready to share and communicate more than in previous grade. Students are excited to create things and now they have the horsepower to do it. This also means that they are better suited to work independently more often. Students are ready to tackle new vocabulary by either deciphering it, using context clues, or reference tools. They are at the reading level where they are ready to learn the content they read. We are no longer reading just to learn to read, we are ready to understand what we are reading. Just as students are ready to take in information and be critical of it, they are also ready to be critical of their own work and that of peers. This is the time when we start going over how to proofread and edit. This is also the year of the dreaded book report. Students should have their math facts down pat, by now. We move on to addition and subtraction operations with three-digit numbers and we know how to regroup and borrow in these situations. The goal is to prepare them for the most basic of algebra. Multiplication and division is our bread and butter at grade 3. We also expand on our geometry skills with objects and shapes. Because we have the ability to take information at a great intensity, we introduce physical and the life science. It also a great time to introduce map skills and basic Social Studies concepts.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the Third Grade curriculum, including subjects such as math, language skills, writing practice, art, reading comprehension, and more. These worksheets can also be used as part of a standard lesson plan, extra credit work, quiet time activities, and more. Please note that in some cases, answer keys have been provided. These must be printed separately, as they are not included with the main page.

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Can Be Puzzle

Complete a crossword puzzle based on everyday grade 3 words.

Sports Cryptogram

Unscramble words related to sports, then use designated letters to find a secret word.

Talons Dot to Dot

Students will complete a connect the dots puzzle to answer the question prompt.

Fastest Bird Word Search

What is the fastest bird in the world? Hint: When diving, they reach speeds of 200 miles per hour.


Find all the measures of rectangles to determine their perimeter.


Measure various shapes to determine their perimeter.

Journal Me

Students will use the provided page to write a journal entry, poem, or other document.

Mixed up Math Questions

Solve various mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and perimeters.

Y is for Yak

Help the yak find his yo-yo by solving this "Y"-shaped maze.

Spelling Practice Sheet

Students will fill out the chart in order to practice some trickier vocabulary words.

Place Value

Students will rearrange given numbers to form least value and most value combinations.

Spelling Activities

Students will use the words in the provided word bank to answer questions and complete activities.

Friends Quote Cryptogram

Determine the letter codes by filling out the puzzle to reveal a phrase.

Use Your Noodle

Complete the crossword puzzle using everyday words.

Mummy Maze

Solve the maze by skip counting, according to the directions.

King Tut

Page 1 of 2. Students will read a short essay on the Egyptian boy king. To be used with "King Tut Questions" page below.

King Tut Questions

Page 2 of 2. Answer questions based on the essay read in the "King Tut" page above.

Patterns in Math

Answer questions, fill in grids, and complete patterns using basic math.

My Best Friend

Students will fill in the chart using the prompted characteristics.

Basketball Color By Number

Color the picture according to the directions.


Practice your basic subtraction skills by using one- and two-digit numbers.

Dot Me Crazy

Complete a connect the dots puzzle to reveal the hidden picture.


Find a circle space based words according to the word bank.

Multiply Tables

Students will complete the charts using basic multiplication.

Decimal Addition

Add numbers containing decimal values.

Match the Quote with Meaning

Students will practice deriving context by matching famous quotes to their meanings.

Math Word Problems

Answer the question by carefully reading the problem and doing the math.

Best Friend Questions

Students will answer the question prompts about their best friend.

Best Friend Venn Diagram

Students will use a Venn diagram to list similar and different characteristics they have with their best friend.

Old Olympics Maze

Students will solve the maze commemorating the 2010 winter Olympics.

Single Into Double Digit Multiplication

Students will multiply two-digit numbers by single-digit numbers.