Grade 6 – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

Whether you are a teacher or substitute teacher for the 6th grade level, you have come to the right place. These worksheets offer a very general approach to practicing all the common skills that students in grade 6 are expected to have a good handle on by the end of the year. Yes, there is a few pieces that can be considered busy work, but they all have a solid approach to developing and accepting new skills. At the grade 6 level I would say the most important language arts skills that are introduce in this grade would include being able to compare stories and poems, understanding the concept of support ideas for facts, using different sources, understand figurative language, and starting off with presentations that are logical and easy to follow. By grade 6 students have their basic operations down pat and are starting to approach fundamental forms of algebra. The key math skills that are introduced at this level include comparing decimals and fractions, solving word problems that involve one of those two, creating graphs to model data, and the concept of volume is explored as well.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the Sixth Grade curriculum, including subjects such as math, language skills, writing practice, calculating perimeters, reading comprehension, and more. These worksheets can also be used as part of a standard lesson plan, extra credit work, quiet time activities, and more. Please note that in some cases, answer keys have been provided. These must be printed separately, as they are not included with the main page.

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These are Big Words!

A quicker than usual Crossword Puzzle.

Martin Luther King Jr. Word Drop

Students will fill in the blanks with the provided letters to reveal a quote from Dr. King.

Stolen watch returned 50 years later

Page 1 of 2. For this worksheet you will read a short passage and answer the questions on the "Gold Watch Continued" page below.

Gold Watch Continued

Page 2 of 2. We move on to having you questions based on the reading from the "Stolen watch returned 50 years later" page above.

Measure and Label the Angles

It is time to measure and label the angles of various figures.

Homonym Pairs

Students will practice identifying and using homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms.

Long Division

For this worksheet you will reformat the problems as long division and solve the equations.

Spelling Lesson

Page 1 of 2. Answer all the questions using words from the provided word bank. Used with "Spelling Lesson Continued" page below.

Spelling Lesson Continued

Page 2 of 2. Another round of working on the same skill. Used with "Spelling Lesson" page above.

High Cs Word Search

Find and circle words beginning with the letter C as listed in the word bank.

Shape Making

Students will use logic and deductive reasoning to assign values to letters and reveal a famous quote.

Place Values

Identify the place value of designated digits within each number.


Read examples of the haiku form of poetry and create your own.

Area and Perimeter

Students will calculate the area and perimeter of various figures using the information provided.

The Pulitzer Prize Passage

Page 1 of 2. Read the short passage about Joseph Pulitzer in order to complete the "The Pulitzer Prize Questions" page below.

The Pulitzer Prize Questions

Page 2 of 2. Answer the questions based on the reading in the "The Pulitzer Prize Passage" page above.


Work your way through an intricate maze.

Cryptic Messages!

Students will unscramble Reading-based words and arrange the designated letters to reveal a hidden message.

Turn that Noise Down!

Calculate the volume according to the information given.

Poem Time

Write poems based on acrostics by following the example provided.


Students will complete a Venn diagram to see how attributes overlap in their daily lives.

Sports Quotes

Finish off the famous quotes by using sports names from the provided word bank.

Mixed Language Arts

We use age appropriate vocabulary to come sentences and write them as well.

Place Value Math

Follow the directions to solve problems made up of mixed numbers and words.

Big I'ed Puzzle

Page 1 of 2. Find and circle words beginning with the letter I, as listed on the "Big I'ed Word Search" page below.

Big I'ed Word Search

Page 2 of 2. Use the word bank to locate the correct words on the "Big I'ed Puzzle" page above.

5 x 5 Math Square

Fill in the grid to ensure all vertical columns and horizontal rows have the correct answers.

Rounding Quotients

Round the given numbers according to the directions.

Finding Averages

Students will calculate the average value for each provided set of numbers.