Kindergarten – A handy set of grade appropriate worksheets for substitute teachers to use.

At the kindergarten level there are so many skills we are trying to help students achieve. It often starts with helping students to form social skills that encourage them to have good manners and adjust to new situations and changes throughout their day. We help them to respect others and how to interact appropriately. Above all we try to help them learn how to enjoy life and share it with others around them. As we get into the academic side of things at the kindergarten level, we are trying to help students learn to describe objects and be able to group objects based on characteristics that they decide upon. Kindergarten language arts skills start with helping students communicate using sentences, ask questions, and express themselves with descriptive language. Kindergarten readers start with picture books and learn to read English left to right. We start working on common sight words and start to recognize sounds that consonants and vowels make. The Kindergarten math curriculum focuses a great deal on comparing things by size and number and arranging comparisons. We also begin our number sense and recognize the numbers 1 to 10. We have put together a nice package of lesson plans for substitute teachers that may have stumbled across teaching a Kindergarten class.

The following worksheets can be left for a substitute teacher if you have to be out of the classroom for a day or more. Each sheet has an activity that fits within the Kindergarten curriculum, including subjects such as simple math, beginning language skills, writing practice, art, and more. These worksheets can also be used as part of a standard lesson plan, extra credit work, quiet time activities, and more. Please note that in some cases, answer keys have been provided. These must be printed separately, as they are not included with the main page.

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Winter Maze

Help frosty find his favorite snowflake.

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Shape Match

Students will match shapes from one column with the identical shape in the other column.

People and Pets Word Search

Put a circle around the words that you find from the list at the bottom.

Word Shapes

Students will place words from a word bank into the correct boxes based on the letter shapes.

Harder Addition

Use counters to find the sum. This leads up from a numbers line.

What's it Start With?

Students will identify the letter that begins the name of each drawn object.

Fill in the Missing Numbers in Willie Worm

Starting with his head, put numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in Willie's body segments.

House Full of Directions

Students will color and expand a drawing according to the provided instructions.

Duck, Duck, Color the Duck

Students will connect the dots to draw a duck, which can then be colored.

Circles Full of Numbers

Students will assign numbers to provided circles.

Letter Match

Students will match the upper case letters at the end of the alphabet with their lower case counterparts.

Letter Count

Students will count combinations of upper case and lower case letters.

Would You Kiss a Frog?

Color Mr. Frog to make him happy!

What is K For?

Students will color a letter "k" and practice words beginning with its sound.

UPPER and lower

Students will match the upper case letters at the beginning of the alphabet with their lower case counterparts.

Vertical Addition

Students will practice simple addition with single-digit numbers in a vertical format.

Connect the Dot Fun

Students will connect the dots to reveal upper case and lower case letter shapes.

Telescope Dot to Dot

Students will connect the dots to draw a picture of a telescope.

D is for Dragon

Dragor Dragon wants to get to Dino Dinosaur.

Slices of Pie

Students will use spatial awareness and simple counting to answer the questions.

H Through O

Students will match the upper case letters in the middle of the alphabet with their lower case counterparts.

Upper Case Match

Students will match the upper case letters with their lower case counterparts.

 The Letter A is for Alex

 Alex the Ant needs to have color. Color Alex brown and the letter "A" should be red.

Using the Code Color Sheet

Using the color code key at the side, color Clem the Clown’s face.

Springtime Maze

Students will reunite the baby duckling and its mother in this simple spring themed maze.

Horizontal Lines

Practice your horizontal lines and then color the picture.

Circle Me Silly

Students will connect letters in alphabetical order to reveal a sunny picture.

Count on Me

Count the letters and put the answer in the next box.