These worksheets help students understanding the three main modes of human transportation.

Human transportation all started with the invention of the wheel and now we are using magnetism to travel at hyper speeds. Many people think that Henry Ford invented the automobile, but he didn't. Like Apple's iPhone, he just built a much better mouse trap and one that could be built rapidly. Humans have travelled by railway for over 200 years. This method of transportation is still one of the most efficient. Now we ponder how to tackle travel through space. This is a huge commercial play at this time. Who knows, maybe we'll be vacationing on Mars in our lifetime?

The worksheets vary from identifying vehicles and the medium they travel in to the weather that affects how transportation operates.

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Form of Transportation

Cut out the vehicles shown below. Place them in the correct column.

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Air, Land, Sea Transportation

Write the correct word to show the form of transportation in each picture.

Thunderstorms Ahead!

You just spent a beautiful day on the beach. You lookup and see one heck of a thunderstorm headed your way. Describe your experience in detail below.

Who Started A Snow Ball Fight?

You are walking to a friend’s house when a surprised snow storm hits. Describe your experience in detail below.

Tornado! Watch Out!

You are walking outside your home when all of a sudden you hear someone shout the word "Tornado!" Describe your experience in detail below.

How's the Forecast?

Follow the weather forecast in your area for the next 5 days. Compare the forecast to the actual conditions.

Weather Math

Pick two cities and follow the high and low temperature for those cities over the next 5 days.

Label the Cloud Types

Cirrus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Fog, Stratus

MY Look at the Forecast

Now that you have a little bit of weather knowledge, take a crack at the forecast each day over 5 days. Make sure to take measurements for 2 straight days prior to predicting the forecast.

Day 3 and Day 4 Look

How accurate was your Day 3 forecast? Where do you think an inaccuracy may have occurred?

Day 5 and Day 6

How accurate were you with all your predicts?

The Last Day and Questions

Out of the 5 days that you recorded a forecast, how many we very accurate?