These worksheets are designed to help you better understand the internal anatomy of many different animals.

One of the most controversial tasks, when students enter High School, is animal dissection. Kids have strong opinions either one way or another. The most common animal that is dissected at this level is frogs. Frog anatomy does give us a very good idea of how the human anatomy works as well. Understanding the frog’s anatomy helps us understand how organs and tissue relate in a complex body system.

This group of worksheets looks at the anatomy of frogs, earthworms, grasshoppers, starfish, crayfish, bony fish, and birds.

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Male Frog Anatomy

Provide the labels for the urinary and reproductive structures of a male frog.

The Anatomy of an Earthworm

Fill in the blanks in this description of earthworm feeding and reproduction.

The Anatomy of Grasshoppers

Label the digestive system and external anatomy structures of the grasshopper.

Digestive and Skeletal Systems of Frogs

Label all the parts of the frog that are pointed out.

The Circulatory System of Earthworms and Grasshoppers

Which of these organisms has an open and closed circulatory system?

The Anatomy of Starfish

Provide the labels for the parts of the starfish. Below the figure, give the function or purpose of each structure.

The Anatomy of Crayfish

Provide the labels for the parts of the crayfish on the diagrams of the dorsal and ventral views below.

The Anatomy of Bony Fish

Provide the labels for the parts of the bony fish on the diagrams of the external and internal views below.

The Anatomy of Birds

Provide the labels for the parts of the bird on the diagrams of the internal anatomy below.

Gas Exchange In Animals

We look at how organisms take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from their bodies.

Excretion Mechanisms In Organisms

How do animals get rid of their waste products?

Nervous Systems of Invertebrates

How do organisms without a backbone detect and react to stimuli?

Nervous and Circulatory Systems of Frogs

Lets put everything together an deduce the names of all the labelled parts.