Worksheets that look at the human senses used to learn about and interact with our environment.

We all have five senses that help us better understand what is around us. We can see things with our eyes. This helps us react to what is around us. We can taste things with our tongue. This can tell us if something we are about to eat is good or bad for us. We can hear things with our ears. This allows us to react to things that we can't see clearly or at all. We can smell things with our nose. This helps us sense danger and react based on the things we smell. We can touch things with our body especially our fingers. This can help us better understand the detail of things. All of these things help us adjust to any change that the world can throw at us. It also helps us understand how to change things that are around us. We will explore the five human senses and which body parts are responsible for each particular sense.

These worksheets serve as an introduction to the concepts of the human senses. We begin by matching the body parts and organs that we use to survey our environment. The worksheets also expand to heightening our language arts skills by using these words in sentences. Students are then encouraged to write about their own experiences. We also have them draw things that they use their own sense through the course of a typical day. You can expand on the sheets that have students draw pictures. I would suggest having them write complete sentences that can expand their level of expression on this. We adjusted this section to allow students to advance into new realms with their use of these words. They were made for younger students that are learning senses for the first time.

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Print Five Senses Worksheets

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Where Are My Five Sense?

Cut and paste the sense that is related with each body part that is pointed out.

Match the Five

Draw a line to match the body part to the sense it is related to.

What Does That Body Part Do?

Complete the sentences by using the words below.

Sentences That Make Sense

Complete the sentences by writing a word on the blank. This is a complete synthesis activity. A word bank is not provided.

Sentence Identification

Match each sentence to the picture that best matches it.

Which Senses?

Look at the picture and circle all the senses you can use.

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Amusing Senses

If you went to an amusement park, what would you use for each sense?

Using Your Senses

We use many of our sense throughout the day. What did you observe today?

5 Things That I Can Smell

Draw 5 pictures of things that you can smell. Write the word at the bottom of each box.

I Can Taste That!

Draw things that you can taste with your tongue.

Can You Hear That?

Let the artist in you out! Draw 5 things that you can hear. Write a word that describes your picture at the bottom of the box.

You See That?

Name and draw five things that you can see with your eyes.

Touch That!

Name and draw 5 different things that you can touch with your hand or fingers.