These worksheets act as an introduction to the study of ecology.

Ecology is the study of how many different living things work with the environment that they find themselves in. It is a paramount science to help people understand how everything depends on other organisms to, directly or indirectly, live. At the core of this science is the concept of food webs or food chains. They quickly display how energy flows through a system in any particular environment. It is all dependent on how different organisms take in energy. Some organisms called producers and they make their own food. You also have consumers that must rely on other organisms to nourish themselves. You also have decomposers that return all of back to the soil.

You will find materials that allow you to begin to understand the concept of community and population ecology. They include projects that can be used as small labs or group projects.

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Community Ecology

If there were no mountain lions in this food web, which first order consumers would likely decrease in population size?

Nutritional Relationships

Place phrases in appropriate section of the table below.

Biome Worksheet

Use this for all the biomes you rin into.

Biome Worksheet

How much snow/rain does your Biome receive each year?

Draw an Ecosystem

Draw an ecosystem that includes at least 5 groups of animal species, 3 groups of plant species. Circle a population.

My Biome

Name five types of plant populations that live in your biome.

Food Chains

A food chain is a display of how energy passes from one organism to another. A food usually starts with a primary natural energy source such as the Sun.

Food Webs Guided Lesson

Energy Arrows are used in food webs to show the flow of energy from the organism that is consumed to the consumer that is eating it. Draw energy arrows to show the flow of energy in this environment.

Food Webs Worksheet 1

Name the animals that exist at the top of the food chain.

Food Webs- Classifying Organisms' Role

Based on the food web below, list the classification of each organism on the chart.

Web/ Food Chain/ Energy Pyramid Project

A super fun ecosystem project for you and your students.

Step 1 Materials

You will need to cut everything out. You might want some sharp scissors for this job.

Step 2 Materials

Yup m ore to cut out.

Step 3 Materials

Finally the big dogs (in this case bears) make their way here.

Step 3 Materials Continued

The last of the materials for this project.

Levels of Organization- Visual Worksheet

Place the correct label next to each picture. Word Bank: Population, Ecosystem, Organism, Community

Levels of Organization Classifying Worksheet

Place the correct letter next to each vocabulary clue.