These worksheets look at how organisms take in food.

All living things need to constant find a source of energy to keep on going. How they get this energy into their system is referred to as nutrition. Some organisms only eat plants, like cattle. They are called herbivores. Some only eat meat like sharks. They are called Carnivores. You also have humans that do both and we are referred to as Omnivores. You also have other organisms that live off of dead or decaying materials called decomposers.

We spend a good bit of time here focused on Fungi. Let's face it fungi and decomposer nutrition, in general, is very interesting.

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Autotroph vs. Heterotrophs

Autotrophs are organisms that are capable of directly using inorganic compounds in their environment to form organic compounds. Heterotrophs consume and process food which results in waste products.

Examples of Fungi

Provide the label for the indicated structures on the diagram of a mushroom.

Fungi Quiz

A twenty question quiz for you and your students.