The worksheets provide students with inquiring questions about dinosaurs. These aren’t your basic information sheets.

The word Dinosaur, itself, translates into "terrible lizard" in the Greek Language. Dinosaurs are thought to have roamed the Earth until about sixty-five million years ago when a mass planet extinction event is thought to have occurred. The most commonly accepted theory is that a massive asteroid plunged to Earth kicking up enough dust and rubbish to block the Sun light from reaching the Earth's surface. This complete lack of sunlight resulted in a huge change of the planet's ecosystem.

These worksheets look at prehistoric life and the way dinosaurs made their way. We look at classes of dinosaurs and how they made their way around.

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Avian Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been extinct for 66 million years. Or have they? Recent fossil discoveries from Mesozoic-aged rocks worldwide have proven that a group of small carnivores known as maniraptoran theropods evolved into birds.

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QUESTIONS; Avian Dinosaurs

Which behaviors do maniraptoran theropods have in common with birds?

The Ancestors of Dinosaurs

The earliest Archosaurs were reptiles a lot like modern lizards. Many different types of reptiles evolved from these first Archosaurs, including some herbivores. Later Archosaurs came in many varieties.

QUESTIONS: The Ancestors of Dinosaurs

What was the first creature that we can accurately call a dinosaur?

Measuring Intelligence with EQ

Modern day naturalists evaluate the intelligence of both extinct and living animals by a formula called the Encephalization Quotient, or EQ.

QUESTIONS: Measuring Intelligence with EQ

Which of the following dinosaurs is believed to have been the LEAST intelligent?

Discovering Dinosaurs

In 1841, an anatomist named Richard Owen saw a large piece of bone from the spine of a prehistoric animal that had been named Iguanodon a few decades earlier.

QUESTIONS: Discovering Dinosaurs

What astonishing discovery did Paleontologists make as they began to sort and classify dinosaurs?

Could Dinosaurs Swim?

Proving that a dinosaur could swim was believed to be impossible, since a dinosaur that is swimming leaves no tracks.

QUESTIONS: Could Dinosaurs Swim?

Why was proving that a dinosaur could swim believed to be impossible?

Theropods and Cladistics

All theropods share certain characteristics. Theropods have hollow, thin walled bones. They have three main fingers on the hand, and the fourth and fifth digits are smaller than the others.

QUESTIONS: Theropods and Cladistics

What are the characteristics of a theropod?

Were the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park Realistic?

Unlike the human-sized terrors in Jurassic Park, velociraptors were actually tiny (the size of a small dog) and covered with feathers.

QUESTIONS: Were the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park Realistic?

The makers of Jurassic Park took care to ensure the movie was realistic. Why are there inaccuracies in the movie?

The Cretaceous Period

Dinosaur diversity reached its peak in the Cretaceous period. Thousands of genera of carnivores thrived, including raptors and tyrannosaurs.

QUESTIONS: The Cretaceous Period

What happened to dinosaur diversity during the cretaceous period?


A paleontologist determines the location of fossils and uses tools like chisels, drills, picks, shovels, and brushes to remove fossils from layers of sedimentary rock.

QUESTIONS: Paleontology

Which of the following does a paleontologist use to evaluate discoveries?

Dinosaurs in Popular Culture

The first dinosaur toys were made of metal by the Sell Rite Gifts (SRG) company in the 1940s. They were sold in the gifts shops at the American Museum of Natural History in New York for almost a decade. In the 1950s, the Marx toy company began producing plastic dinosaur toy sets, opening the way for many other toy companies to produce their own versions.

QUESTIONS: Dinosaurs in Popular Culture

Which toy company first began producing plastic dinosaur sets?