These worksheets look at the small organisms that are known for causing many diseases.

Often referred to as "germs" at a young age, we come to understand bacteria and viruses at a very young age. They are very small organisms and they are helpful as well as harmful. They help us digest foods and in the process make essential vitamins for us. There are only a handful of bacteria that cause us harm and some of them can help breakdown oil after large man made oil spills, helping other walks of life in the balance. There is also a running theory that bacteria produce half of the world’s oxygen. Viruses are many times smaller than bacteria. They are tiny parasites. Naturally they are harmful, but scientists are finding ways to use them to help patients in gene therapy and other health related applications.

These worksheets look at the structure and function of viruses. They also look at structures within bacteria and how they reproduce. We also look at how certain bacteria cause disease.

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The Biology of Viruses

Identify the structure and function of parts on bacteriophages, a polyhedral virus, a rod-shaped virus.

The Anatomy and Reproductive Parts of Bacteria

A typical moneran is diagrammed below. Provide the labels for the parts and state the function or purpose of each structure.

The Cause of Diseases

What cause each type of disease that is listed?