The worksheets focus on understanding the unique forms of life in animal and plant kingdoms.

Jungles across the world are where most of these walks of life will be forced to intermingle with one another. Cool thing about jungles, they let a lot more light in then do rainforest areas. Due to this plants grow thick and provide a great food source for a wide variety of animals. More than half of the world’s population of animals and plants live in a jungle. Most jungles are found near the equator.

We find a wide variety of creatures featured here including: hydra, protozoan, monerans, and we introduce energy flows through ecosystems.

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A hydra is drawn to the right. Provide the labels for the parts of the hydra and provide the purpose or function of each part on the blank lines below.

Monerans Quiz

Put the correct answer to the questions in the blanks using the words from the list below.

Where Do I Call Home?

Draw a line from the animal to where they live.

The Animal Chart

Complete the missing parts of the chart below.

The Animal Lookout

Choose an animal. Describe how your animal's characteristics in the boxes

They're living in the pond?

Take a look at various pond water samples. See if you can find any living organisms. Draw a picture and write a brief description of any living things you find.

Animals That Don't Belong

Place an X on the animal that does not belong to the group.

Which animal is it?

Circle the correct animal described.

Animal Crossword

Write the word for each picture in the puzzle.

Plant Crossword

Write the word for each picture in the puzzle.

Am I Living?

Matter can be living or nonliving. Circle all the matter below that would be considered living.

Living or Not?

Matter can be living or nonliving. Cut out the pictures below. Paste them on the correct chart below.

Where are all the plants?

Cut and paste all plants into the box.

Where are all the animals?

Cut and paste all animals into the box.

Where are all the animals and plants?

Place a blue circle around animals. Place a red circle around plants.

Living or Nonliving?

Check the boxes that apply to each specimen.