Personal hygiene is how you care for your body and maintain good health.

As we go through our daily life, we encounter millions of bacteria and viruses. They reside on other people, objects, and just about everywhere. If these things are left to linger on our bodies, they can make us very sick. To protect ourselves from this there are number of healthy practices we can take on. This includes washing your hands before you have the chance to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes with bacteria that may reside on them. It also includes trimming our nails so that germs and dirt can not build up under them. While this may seem come place to most people, not all families have the time or resources to insure their young children know all basic practices them should follow to maintain a high level of health. Those that do know the proper ways to maintain quality hygiene do not know all the steps that they should do. Most students are not aware that they should brush their teeth for a minimum of two minutes or that they should wash their hand and forearms up to their elbow.

These worksheets will look at daily habits we encourage all students to partake in to maintain the highest level of personal health possible. We start off by reviewing a checklist of healthy habits for you. We get further into how to care for our teeth and full oral hygiene that any Dentist would be in awe of. We also include fun activities that students can take part in as a class. We explore healthy routines that students should be aware of. We also look at the difference between positive and negative forms of these habits. Overall, we find that teachers really find this collection of worksheets very unique as we have a different take on how you should approach students with this topic.

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Printable Hygiene Worksheets

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Personal Hygiene Checklist

The checklist below will help you with your personal daily habits. Use the checklist each day. Are you practicing good personal health?

Cut and Paste

Look at each row of teeth. Cut and paste the happy face next to the clean teeth. Cut and paste the grumpy face next to the dirty teeth.

Hygiene Bingo Card

Think about the different ways you have practiced good hygiene this week. Complete the bingo card.

Good Hygiene, Good Day

It is a good idea to keep yourself and your clothes clean. Do you know the consequences of not doing this regularly? Think about both and complete the table. List as many good and bad consequences as you can think of.

Good Morning

Number the pictures in the correct sequence. Write the number in the box.

Happy Teeth

Listen to your teacher read each question. Color in the shape next to the correct answer.

Happy Teeth, Healthy Teeth

Look for each word in the Word Search. Circle each word when you find it.

Hygiene: the Good and the Bad

What does it mean to have good or bad hygiene? Write down as many examples of each as you can think of.

Good Evening Hygiene

Number the pictures in the correct sequence. Write the number in the box.

Getting Ready for School

Help the boy get to school by following the trail of good hygiene habits. Color in each block along the trail.

Healthy Teeth

Put an X on the dirty teeth. Circle the clean, healthy teeth.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Circle the things that are good for your teeth.

Washing Your Hands

Look at each picture below. Is it most important to wash your hands BEFORE or AFTER doing each activity? Circle the correct answer.

Good or Bad For Your Teeth

Name at least three of each.

Hygiene and Good Health Habits

Sort the words or phrases into the correct boxes.