This collection of worksheets explores various aspects of African culture, geography, climate, and more.

Anthropologists have referred to Africa as "the cradle of civilization," and it's easy to understand why. Almost 5,000 miles in length, it is the second largest continent on Earth, and contains an incredible variety of climates, natural resources, and biodiversity. Some of the richest countries on the planet are located in Africa, as well as some of the poorest. Short reading passages will introduce your students to many different parts of African culture. Worksheets and answer keys are provided.

Project idea: Have your students pick an African country and present a report on its food, people, government, etc. to the rest of the class.

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The People of Africa Reading Passage

Africa is a huge continent and has more independent countries in it than any other continent, over 50 countries. Since Africa extends thousands of miles from north to south and much of Africa sits on the equator, there is great variety in the climate and vegetation across the continent.

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The People of Africa - Multiple Choice Questions

The cultures of Africa can be divided into North Africa and Africa south of the Sahara Desert. North Africa borders the Mediterranean Sea and these Africans, like those in Egypt, traded with Greeks, Romans and others thousands of years ago using the Mediterranean Sea for transportation of goods.

The People of Africa Choice - Short Answer Questions

Africa is home to a large number of tribal people. To give an idea of the diversity of African people, there are over 2,000 languages spoken by the people living there.

Map of Africa

Locate countries of Africa by drawing a line from the name of the country to its location on the map.

Outline Map of Africa Color

A nice outline of all the borders of the countries of Africa.

Map of Africa Grayscale

This is a little easier on your printer ink or toner.

Map of Africa Black & White

The difference between black and white and grayscale is that there is no background color at all with this one.

Shaded Outline Map of Africa

This is as minimalistic as it gets.

Capitals of Africa

Place the number of each capital city in the location of the city on the map.

Major Features of Africa

Place the number of each physical feature in its location on the map.

The Climate and Weather of Africa - Reading Passage

Africa is the second largest continent next to Asia and Africa is nearly 5,000 miles long from north to south, from the Mediterranean Sea to the tip of the country of South Africa.

The Climate and Weather of Africa - Multiple Choice Questions

Most people think of Africa as having a hot, steamy jungle climate but this is not true for the entire continent.

The Climate and Weather of Africa - Short Answer Questions

The Sahara Desert, the largest desert on earth, influences the climate of Africa. The Sahara can have 5 inches of rain in a year but in other drought years there is no rain at all.

The Food of Africa - Short Answer Questions

Food is an important aspect of the culture of a country or region of the world. What people like to eat in African countries can be very different from what people eat in Europe and North America.

Traditional African Clothing

Draw a picture of the traditional clothing worn by people in Africa. Remember that there are hundreds of tribes in Africa, each with its own style of clothing.

Africa at a Glance - Reading Passage

Africa is a vast and beautiful continent that is home to a diversity of people, cultures, scenic splendors and animals and plants that can be found nowhere else on earth.

Africa at a Glance - Multiple Choice Questions

In some of the poorest areas of Africa the life expectancy is only 40 to 45 years or less.

Africa at a Glance - Short Answer Questions

We don't hear about malaria in the United States but there used to mosquitoes in the U.S. that carried malaria.

The Major Regions of Africa - Reading Passage

Africa occupies 20% of the world's land mass and can be divided into five geographic regions. These regions are simply known as North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa.

The Major Regions of Africa - Multiple Choice Questions

North Africa is made up of the countries that border on the Mediterranean Sea and are north of the great Sahara Desert.

The Major Regions of Africa - Short Answer Questions

Southern Africa is the narrow southern tip of the continent and includes the island of Madagascar. Because Southern Africa is the furthest part of Africa from the equator, it experiences the greatest fluctuation in temperature of all of Africa.

The Plants and Animals of Africa- Reading Passage

Africa is known for the diversity of wildlife that exists there. Some of the most majestic animals on earth call Africa home.

The Plants and Animals of Africa- Multiple Choice Questions

One of the most famous wildlife areas in Africa is called the Serengeti Plain in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya.

Serengeti Scramble (Full Color)

Write the name of the animal under the picture.

Serengeti Scramble (Black and White)

Animals include: Antelope, Baboon, Cape Buffalo, Crested Crane, Crocodile, Elephant, Flamingo, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Hyena, Leopard, Lion, Rhinoceros, Warthog, Wildebeest, and Zebra.

Africa's Contributions to the World - Reading Passage

Modern people around the world continue to be fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture that dates back thousands of years.

Contributions to the World - Multiple Choice Questions

Archaeologists have found the remains of large cities with elaborate buildings in the desert. What was life like for these people and how did they construct the fabulous buildings that they had?

Contributions to the World - Short Answer Questions

Ancient Egypt was home to many scholars who wrote information on scrolls instead of books and copies of all the scrolls were kept at the library in the city of Alexandria.

HIV/AIDS in Africa - Reading Passage

The disease known as HIV/AIDS can be found all over the world but scientists estimate that 75% of the people infected with HIV/AIDS live in Africa.

HIV/AIDS in Africa - Multiple Choice Questions

Africa is the poorest region of the world and people in the huge rural areas and the slum areas of the cities do not have access to decent healthcare.

HIV/AIDS in Africa - Short Answer Questions

In villages that have been severely affected by HIV/AIDS, only old people and children are left to grow food and to take care of themselves and the people who are sick with HIV/AIDS.

Where Are the Animals? - Reading Passage

Africa is known for its beautiful wildlife and the vast numbers of animals in the herds of wild animals.

Where Are the Animals? - Multiple Choice Questions

Ecotourism is the new approach to sharing the wildlife resources of Africa and other beautiful areas like Belize with the rest of the world.

Where Are the Animals? - Short Answer Questions

Deforestation is another problem affecting wildlife in Africa. Most people use wood to make cooking fires.