This printable collection of worksheets looks at the "The Declaration of Independence" and the people that helped frame it.

The American Colonies felt as though they were being held prisoner, for a wide variety of reasons, by Great Britain. The official document "The Declaration of Independence" was framed and penned with the motivation of severing all ties to the British Empire. The document itself is seen as most as one of the fundamental doctrines of the United States democracy. In this document the Continental Congress declared themselves a completely independent nation. One of the often overlooked facts is that the French government was a key ally to help them achieve this. Although the United States helped repay the favor during the First and Second World Wars. The document was formalized in 1776.

The worksheets look at the Founding Fathers, theories behind the creation of the document, and actual execution and timing of the history behind this great feat. Where did your "John Hancock" come from anyway?

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Founding Fathers

The Fathers of our country are the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and/or the United States Constitution. They were also known as patriots, people who wanted to be Independent from England in the 1700's.

People and Places of the Declaration of Independence

Fill in the blanks using these famous names. There are more names than there are blanks and you can use a name more than once.

Concepts of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence contains this far-reaching statement. Explain what is meant at each stage.

Facts About the Declaration of Independence

Who was the president of the Second Continental Congress when the Declaration of Independence was written?

Timeline of the Declaration of Independence

Place these events related to the Declaration of Independence in the correct order.

People of the Declaration of Independence

Match the name of the person with the description by writing the number of the person on the line that is next to the event.

Declare It Worksheet

Why was the Declaration of Independence written? Who did the colonist feel had too much control over the colonies? If a government does not protect the citizens right what is the duty of the people?