A series of printable worksheets that all key on the life and culture of the early Pilgrims.

Pilgrims is a name given to people who take long journeys for religious and moral purposes. What we in American history think of as the Pilgrims was the name given to a group of English settlers travelling to America who were there to seek religious freedom. The movement of pilgrims to North America was mostly due to the preservation of religious beliefs. They King of England, at the time, would not allow them to form their own church, so they moved. Many pilgrims found a home in Holland where freedom of religion was widely practiced. They original had their mind set to settle near the Hudson River in New York. The weather did not agree with them when they were on their way and instead, they decide to seek shelter near Cape Cod. Massachusetts. In 1620 they establish what would become known as the Plymouth Colony. This was the second successful English settlement after Jamestown, Virginia. The first pilgrims travelled across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock. A little known fact about the Mayflower, only about half of those that travelled on the Mayflower survived to enjoy their first Thanksgiving.

Most of these worksheets are in free response form and they work a little differently than all those other sections. These worksheets will help students learn about the prominent people in pilgrim history. We will look at the people, food, and culture that surrounded these English settlers. We will also explore the voyage that took place and how they came form a colony.

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Notable Pilgrims

Match each Pilgrim with his accomplishments.

Thanksgiving Menu

List foods from the first Thanksgiving and foods from your traditional Thanksgiving feasts.

Squanto's Corn Method

Draw a picture depicting the steps Squanto used to teach the Pilgrims how to grow corn

Pilgrim Children

Describe the Pilgrim children's lives in each of the following areas.

The Pilgrims' Voyage

Write a short essay explaining the reasons why the Pilgrims sailed to America and what their voyage was like.

Plymouth Colony

Write a short essay about the daily life in the Plymouth Colony. Include information about their houses, families, army, and religion.


Imagine that you've been asked to write a newspaper article about Squanto. Use this sheet to help you organize your information about him.

Pilgrims: The First Years

Fill in the timeline explaining what happened to the Pilgrims during their first years.

The Mayflower Voyage

Add details to the word web about the Mayflower Voyage.

The Wampanoag

Write at least ten facts about the Wampanoag.