This wonderful collection of reading worksheets looks at the Superhero and comic industry.

Around this time The Lone Ranger radio program made its debut on a Detroit radio broadcast. People began to look for and admire ordinary people that could achieve extraordinary things. This came to life in comic strips through the first superhero in the papers Mandrake the Magician. Mandrake used his powers of hypnosis to create terrifying illusions for criminals. While this was just a comfortable jump from real life to fiction, the world got turned upside down when Superman made his debut and the end of the 1930s. The American 1930s were flush with bad news especially at the time of the Great Depression. People did all they could to escape this reality. Newspapers began publishing comic strips which were a sequence of drawings with written dialogue. These comic strips gave rise to complete paperback magazines of drawings with dialogue called comics. As time passed, this was the medium that was to bring to life the stories of extra-ordinary people known as superheroes.

These worksheets take a look at modern comics and the superheroes that are popular today. We look at the history of famous franchises as well as the concepts that were originated through this medium. We also take some time to reflect back on life before the existence of these pop culture mavericks. Has culture taken a turn for the better or worse as a result? Below you find some great printable reading sheets that look at Marvel Comics, the setup and creation of superheroes, and many historically favorite superheroes.

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Marvel Comics and Stan Lee Reading Passage

Stan Lee created some of the most popular and well-loved superheroes of all times.

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Marvel Comics and Stan Lee - Multiple Choice Questions

Stan felt that the company should rename itself because The Fantastic Four had been so successful that the company was no longer the same as what it had once been.

The New Ms. Marvel

Originally intended to be a female partner for Captain Marvel, the original Ms. Marvel was a character called Carol Danvers.

The New Ms. Marvel - Short Answer Questions

When a planet attacks New York, with results similar to 9/11, Kamala knows that her world has changed forever.

Who Was Doc Savage?

Clark (Doc) Savage, Jr. is a character created by Lester Dent. Originally appearing in novels and pulp magazines.

QUESTIONS: Who Was Doc Savage?

Doc Savage was extremely popular during the Depression and World War II. Though today he is largely forgotten, he has left a permanent mark in the world of superheroes by being the inspiration for both Superman and Batman.

The Origin Story

The origin story is the story of how the superhero came to be a superhero. It explains what motivates the superhero and why we should care about them.

QUESTIONS: The Origin Story

Another variation on the origin story is that the powers can be an aspect of something that was already insider the person who becomes a superhero.


Batman is unique in the realm of superheroes in that his "powers" are completely human.


Batman uses a variety of ingenious inventions in his vigilante work. His armored costume protects him from gunfire and from other significant impacts.

How to Create a Superhero: Advice from Stan Lee Reading Passage

What does Stan Lee say should be the relationship between the powers of a superhero and the personality of his or her alter ego?

QUESTIONS: How to Create a Superhero: Advice from Stan Lee

What does Stan Lee say should be the relationship between a superhero and a supervillain?

The Flash

The Flash first appeared in comic books in 1940. At that time he was called the Scarlet Speedster.


Today, The Flash is better known on the screen than in comic books.

The First Female Superhero Reading Worksheet

The first female superhero made her debut in Fiction House’s Jungle Comics #2. Her name was Fantomah.

The First Female Superhero - Short Answer Questions

In her origin story, she was created by her mother, Hippolyta, out of clay and given a soul by six members of the Greek Pantheon.

The Four Ages of Comic Books

The Golden age of comics began when comic strips in newspapers and pulps evolved into comic books.

The Four Ages of Comic Books- Multiple Choice Questions

The Silver Age began with the reintroduction of The Flash by DC comics in 1956, in an attempt to revive a post-WWII waning interest in comics.

Before There Were Superheroes

Before there were comic books, there were inexpensive escapist fiction novels called "pulps."

Before There Were Superheroes - Short Answer

Who was the first superhero and what was his power?