The seeds of a new nation! Your students will learn about America's original thirteen colonies.

During the late seventeenth century there was a great amount of movement from settlers to move to the east coast of North America. Settlers came from all parts of the world, but were led mostly by the English, French, and Spanish. They would race to settle lands for over one hundred years and three generations. After this time the lands were largely populated and covenanted by England and France which eventually lead to the French and Indian War. England won this conflict which led them to control all of Canada and the Colonies of America. The English colonies eventually grew to a size of thirteen which included: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia. Each of these colonies have unique features and advantages as they slowly, but surely matured into States. These worksheets will examine the advantages, disadvantages, culture, people, and systems of each of these colonies.

The following collection of worksheets explores the thirteen English colonies that eventually became the foundation for the United States of America. Your students will study different settlements, individual colonies, famous people, important events, and more. Activities include short reading passages, map work, timelines, comparative pieces, a state capitals quiz, etc. Answer keys have been provided for each questionnaire. Note: Some questionnaires require the students to use other sources of information beyond the worksheet itself in order to answer the questions. Fun Fact: Virginia Dare was the first child of English parents born in the New World, in 1587 in the Roanoke Colony of North Carolina.

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The Jamestown Settlement Reading Passage

The Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the new World. It was named after King James the first.

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Jamestown Settlement Questions

Accompanies the reading passage above.

Puritans - Reading Worksheet

In the 16th and 17th century many people were seeking "purity" from religious control in England. These people were known as puritans or separatists because they left England to separate themselves from the Church of England which was under control of King James I.

Map the Original 13 Colonies

Put the name of the colony in the right place on the map.

Black and White Map

The same map as above, but no colors. Just black and white outlines.

State Capitals of the Original 13 Colonies

Write the name of the capital next to each of the names of the 13 original colonies.

Virginia - Yesterday and Today

When Virginia seceded from the United States at the time of the Civil War, people in the western part of the state did not agree and formed their own state of West Virginia.

Massachusetts and Liberty

Use at least three events from the Revolutionary War to explain why these places in Massachusetts are so closely associated with American liberty.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Look up Colonial Williamsburg on the Internet and write a single page report describing two of the buildings there that interest you the most.

South Carolina in the Revolutionary War

Over 200 battles and skirmishes of the Revolutionary War were fought in South Carolina.

Loyalists and Patriots

The Revolutionary War occurred when colonists fought the British troops to gain freedom from British rule. The colonists who fought against Britain were called Patriots.

Massachusetts - Yesterday and Today

The colony of Massachusetts also included land that became the state of Maine.

New York - Yesterday and Today

The state of New York today has a different shape than it did when it was a colony.

Rhode Island in the Revolutionary War

In July, 1778, the first all African-American unit of soldiers in the Revolutionary War was formed in the state of Rhode Island.

Georgia - Yesterday and Today

Georgia, the last colony to be settled, was formed in 1732.

Colonial Delaware

The area known today as Delaware was originally settled by three groups.

New Hampshire - Yesterday and Today

New Hampshire originally claimed the aqua area to the west shown as part of New York. But in 1765 the English king gave this land to New York.

New Jersey and the Revolutionary War

New Jersey was located between the Continental Congress in Philadelphia and the British headquarters in New York.

Maryland History Timeline

The capital of the United States is Washington, D.C. What state did the land for Washington, D.C. come from?

Trail of Tears - Reading Passage

Under President Andrew Jackson, United States Congress passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which authorized the President to conduct treaties to exchange Native American land east of the Mississippi River for lands west of the river.

Triangular Trade - Reading Passage

Triangular Trade was a trade exchange route that formed between The Americas, Europe and Africa.

Triangular Trade - True of False

Four quick follow-up questions for you.