A worksheet collection that teachers students about the history and traditions of the Summer Olympic games.

In 1896 the first modern day Summer Olympics was held in Athens, Greece which is seen as the birthplace of the summer games. In 1904, the top three finishers or teams have been awarded medals based on their position. Gold medals for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place. The dirtiest secret in the Olympic Games is that the gold medal is really not solid gold. They are solid silver with a coating of gold on top.

Below you will find a great number of high quality teacher worksheets and reading passages that will get you in step with all things summer games. We take a snapshot of the best and worst times of the games.

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History of the Summer Olympics Reading Passage

Athens was chosen unanimously to host the inaugural modern games at a congress in Paris on June 23rd, 1894.

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History of the Summer Olympics - Multiple Choice Questions

The opening ceremony of the first Summer Games took place in the Panathenaic Stadium on April 6th.

The First Summer Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch is a relatively recent addition to the ceremonies which open the Olympic Games; however, it has roots in several ancient Greek practices.

The First Summer Torch Relay - Short Answer Questions

Another ancient tradition from which the modern Olympic Torch Relay draws is the sacred truce which took place during the month before and the month after the games.

Summer Games Sports

Over time, many other Summer Olympic sports, like the triathlon and taekwondo, were added.

QUESTIONS: Summer Games Sports

Today, the main attractions on the Summer Games program are athletics and swimming.

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 games during the 125th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held in Buenos Aires on September 7th, 2013.

QUESTIONS: Tokyo 2020

Which sports previously removed from the Olympic program will be making a reappearance in the 2020 games?

Summer Games Medals

Until the 2000 Games in Sydney, the image of Victory was consistently on one side of the medal, while the reverse was redesigned for each Olympiad beginning in 1972.

QUESTIONS: Summer Games Medals

During the first games in 1896, winners received silver medals and an olive wreath, and runners-up received copper medals and a laurel wreath.

Evolution of the Summer Olympic Program Reading Passage

The reasoning behind the change is an intention to focus on innovation, flexibility, and youth when developing the Olympic Games program.

QUESTIONS: Evolution of the Summer Olympic Program

The new sports will add 18 events and 474 athletes to the 2020 Summer Games.

Olympic Federations

The Olympic Federations are the organizations that are responsible for organizing the program of sporting events for each Olympic Games.

QUESTIONS: Olympic Federations

The UCI is governs sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events.

Memorable Moments Reading Worksheet

What technical issue made resulted in initial confusion over Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10 score?

Memorable Moments - Short Answer Questions

Why did Smith and Carlos give the Black Power Salute when they received their medals?

Host Cities

The city where the Summer Olympic Games are held is called the "host city."

Host Cities- Multiple Choice Questions

A city wishing to be considered as a host city for the Summer Olympics must express interest in hosting by submitting its name to the International Olympic Commission (IOC).

Summer Paralympic Games

The Paralympics is an international multi-sport event in which athletes with disabilities compete against one another in Olympic-level sports.

Summer Paralympic Games - Short Answer

What was the very first Paralympics Games?