You will find worksheets for students that look at how laws are created and then enforced in the United States.

Every law starts from an idea that is either presented or formulated by a U.S. Congress person. A Senator or a House of Congress member sponsor the bill and then it is sent out to a group of representatives to talk about the bill and make changes or scrap it all together before putting it up for debate by congress who then votes on it. Once passed, the President of the United States has several actions they can take to stall or pass the bill into becoming a law. Though we are referring to Federal laws, there are many crazy State laws that are still on the books and occasionally enforced. Do you know where chickens can't cross the road? Quitman, Georgia! It is illegal to allow your chickens to be unattended to in that town. Yes, it's still on the books today.

The worksheets in this section look at commonly used vocabulary and the process of bills becoming laws and what the U.S. court system does with it from there.

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The Branches of the US Government

Fill in the spaces to outline the branches of the government.

US Court System

Place the following courts in the order they would used during a US Trial.

How a Bill Becomes the Law

Fill in the missing steps in the flow chart.

Lawmaking Vocabulary

What the president does when he doesn't want to make a bill into a law.

From a Bill to a Law

Number the following steps in the correct order of how a bill becomes a law.

Bill Vetoes

What happens when a bill is vetoed? Fill in the missing information.

The White House and the West Wing

Describe the importance of each area.

Thinking about Laws

Answer the following question with a short essay.

Who are My Representatives?

Every person in the United States is represented by someone in the federal government. States have varying numbers of representatives based on their population.

Who Makes Laws?

Fill in the information about each person's/groups' role in making laws in the United States.