The Holocaust is seen as the worst case of human genocide that was witnessed globally.

During World War I the German Empire was on the losing part of the War. Approximately fifteen years later Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany. Hitler rallied the German people to blame people of Jewish faith for the previous lose. Hitler consider Jewish people to be less than human and he wanted to create the perfect people through selective breeding. In order to achieve this Aryan race, he felt that people of Jewish faith needed to perish. When Hitler came to power, he immediately removed all rights for Jewish citizens. He progressed to attacking Jewish-owned homes and businesses. He eventually elevated to all out evil! He ordered the formation of Concentration Camps for all Jews. These were labor camps that sought to starve and out right exterminate the Jewish population.

The Holocaust occurred during World War II. It is thought that over six-million Jewish people were murdered during this period, worse yet, one million were just children. Many other faiths and nationalities were also the target of this Mad Man. It is thought that throughout that time period over seventeen million innocent people were murdered by the Nazi Party. This series of social studies worksheets will explore the time period of the holocaust. The people and culture that put it in motion and the people and cultural out cry that were against. We will look at those that were subject to the holocaust as well as those that enforced the humanitarian atrocities of that time period. We will look at the living conditions that were placed on people that were subject to them.

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The Time Period

As World War II unfolded in Europe, Nazis taking over a city would crowd all of the Jewish people into a part of town known as the ghetto.

The Time Period Multiple Choice Questions

Many Jewish people tried to hide from the Nazis, and many non-Jewish families risked their lives to help them. Some of those who hid were ultimately able to escape, but many hid for years, and were sometimes caught.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a German Jewish girl who is famous for the diary that she kept while her family his from the Nazis during World War II.

Anne Frank - Short Answer Questions

Anne lived in the Netherlands, and she was ten years old at the start of the war, when the Nazis began establishing and enforcing rules about what Jewish people could and could not do.

Adolf Hitler

It was Hitler's invasion of Poland that started World War II, during which Germany invaded many other countries in Europe. Hitler was also the mastermind behind the Holocaust.

QUESTIONS: Adolf Hitler

Hitler was born in Austria. His parents died young, and many of his brothers and sisters died in childhood.

Concentration Camps

The ghettos were surrounded by fences and guarded by soldiers. Food, water, and medicine was limited. From the ghettos, Jewish people were taken to concentration camps.

QUESTIONS: Concentration Camps

The concentration camps originated as a place to hold the many prisoners that Nazis began arresting shortly after rising to power.

Types of Concentration Camps

The Nazis began using concentration camps in Nazi Germany in 1933. Between 1938 and 1945, they established camps all over Europe as a way to control and shape the population of what they expected would become the Nazi empire.

QUESTIONS: Types of Concentration Camps

The first extermination camp, Chelmno, was built in 1941. In all, there were six extermination camps, all in Poland.

Extermination Camps Reading Passage

The first, Chelmno, was built in 1941 and remained in operations until the beginning of 1945.

QUESTIONS: Extermination Camps

Auschwitz-Birkenau is the most well-known extermination camp, and it included 40 satellite camps.


Bergen-Belsen was established in north Germany by the Nazis in May 1940. It was originally a prisoner of war camp called Stalag 311.

QUESTIONS: Bergen-Belsen

As it became clear that the Germans were losing the war in 1945, they began to evacuate the concentrations camps in Poland and move the prisoners East into camps inside of Germany.


A ghetto is a place where people are kept in order to separate them from other populations. The Nazis isolated Jewish people in ghettos all over occupied Europe because they falsely believed that the Jewish people spread diseases.

Ghettos - Short Answer Questions

The original Nazi plan, called the Madagascar Plan, was to use the ghettos as temporary holding places until all the Jews in Poland could be deported to the island of Madagascar.

Warsaw Ghetto

Warsaw was the capital of Poland before World War II. At that time, Warsaw was the largest Jewish community in Europe.

Warsaw Ghetto - Questions

Almost a year after the ghetto was established, the Nazis began to require that all men and boys between the ages of 14 and 60 provide free labor for the Nazis.

The Nazi Rise to Power

Hitler rose to power in Germany by focusing on winning the support of the Nazi Party and being elected to power. He spent several years reunifying the socialist and nationalist sides of the divided party.

The Nazi Rise to Power - Short Answer

The Nazi Party had a group that was organized in much the same way as a military force (a paramilitary group) called the Sturm Abeilun (SA).