These worksheet look at all aspects of the global organization composed of one-hundred and ninety-three countries.

The United Nations is an organization of countries and Member States that work together to promote global cooperation and good will. The organization was founded in 1945 by fifty-one Member States and has grown to just under two-hundred members. The organization formed to work toward a global peace and prosperity. The United Nations (UN) is based out of New York City and holds a judicial branch in The Hague, Netherlands. The UN was originally formed in response to horrific events that took place during World War II. This was seen as a mean to value diplomacy over military might. The group often explores a series of options for countries that may be odds with one another. It also helps to provide food, medical assistance, and security for areas of the world that may need humanitarian support. While the agency continues to receive tons of global criticism it has made many different accomplishments. This includes assisting over thirty-five million refugees and assisting over fifty countries annual with ensuring fair and equitable government elections in democratic nations.

The worksheets below introduce the United Nations and covers topics including: How the charter began, the UN's commitment to civil and children rights, the International Court of Justice, the General Assembly, the Economic/Social/Security Councils, the Secretariat. We will explore the concept of a charter and what rights and responsibilities the nations within this body have of their own. We will also introduce the concept of the International Court that many people do not even know exists and what it does. Students will explore the goals and achievements of the UN’s economic, social, and security councils.

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The United Nations Reading Passage

These countries have a common goal of promoting cooperation and maintaining international peace.

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Reading Multiple Choice Questions

The UN works to prevent conflict, mediate peaceful solutions for countries in conflict, and to create conditions that are favorable to peace.

The United Nations Charter

The idea of a world-wide organization that would promote the political objectives of the Allies from WWII was first proposed at the Dumbarton Oaks conference in 1944, which was held in Washington D.C.

Charter - Short Answer Questions

Which countries initially put together a proposal for a world peacekeeping organization?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

It is the first ever international agreement on the subject of basic human rights.

QUESTIONS: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Declaration is rooted in the principles of dignity, equality, and fairness.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC or UNCRC) is a treaty establishing the civil, political, economic, social, health, and cultural rights of children around the world.

QUESTIONS: Convention on the Rights of the Child

What are the countries that ratified the Convention agreeing to do?

The International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the judicial body of the United Nations.

QUESTIONS: The International Court of Justice

Contentious cases can only be brought to the ICJ with the consent of both parties.

The General Assembly Reading Passage

The General Assembly is the only body in which all member countries are represented and have equal voting rights, and in this it differs from the Security Council, which has representation from only fifteen members.

QUESTIONS: The General Assembly

How many votes are needed to pass a decision in the General Assembly?

The Security Council

The Security Council plays a key role with regards to aggression between member countries.

QUESTIONS: The Security Council

In order for a Security Council decision to be adopted, nine members must approve it.

The Economic and Social Council Reading Worksheet

It coordinates the work of fifteen special UN agencies and their functional and regional commissions.

The Economic and Social Council - Short Answer Questions

The UN Charter gives the ECOSOC the responsibility of promoting higher standards of living throughout the world, including ensuring that there are employment opportunities within members and that countries are making economic and social progress.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat helps to develop the agenda for the other UN bodies and helps to implement the decisions that they make.

The Secretariat- Multiple Choice Questions

The Secretariat is divided into offices and departments, and employs 44,000 international civil servants.

The UN Trusteeship Council

The UN Trusteeship Council was set up as one of the main bodies of the United Nations which was established after World War II.

The UN Trusteeship Council - Short Answer

All the trust territories that were in existence when the UN was formed in 1945 have now either become nations in their own right, or they have been absorbed by adjacent independent countries.