These worksheets examine the Bill of Rights as a whole, as well as certain selected amendments.

Governing an entire country is complicated and balancing federal power against individual freedoms is a tricky tightrope act. The ink was barely dry on the United States Constitution before changes were being made through amendments. The first ten amendments specifically outlined basic freedoms for the people of the United States, and are known collectively as the Bill of Rights. These worksheets will introduce your students to the Bill of Rights, and explore what makes it such a unique document.

Project idea: Have your students suggest new amendments to the Constitution and argue for their position as if they were members of Congress.

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The Freedoms Achieved

List what freedom each Amendment to the Constitution guarantees.

The Meaning of It All

Explain in your own words what freedom each Amendment to the Constitution guarantees.

The Fourth Amendment

Search the document for unfamiliar words and then try to explain the effort of the Fourth Amendment.

The First Amendment

Movies and video games that you buy come with a rating on them so parents if they feel the content is proper for you. Your parents can block you from turning on some TV channels using filters. Do you think the ratings and filters violate the First Amendment?

The Ninth Amendment

The Ninth Amendment is hard to understand because it contains many unfamiliar words. What do the highlighted words mean?