These worksheets cover the lives and stories of World Leaders throughout history.

Those that can lead good enough to instill hope in their followers make a difference and help shape the world. There is so much history that goes untold. Sure Barrack Obama won that little Nobel Peace Prize, but did you know that Mikhail Gorbachev won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children. He was a voice actor for the Russian folk recording of Peter and the Wolf. Stranger yet, did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte (yeah that Napoleon) wrote a romance novel when he was a soldier. It was that really mushy stuff too. It took a while, but they got that together in 2008. Did you know that the Dutch Prime Minister rides a bike to work every day? It's not mandated, but he prefers it.

We try to focus on people that lead their people to what they perceived as the greatest good at their time. For some this was conquering others and then for some it was creating a peaceful and civil society. These worksheets look at key figures and world leaders throughout history that were pretty much one of kind. They might have been the first to achieve something or be the first of their descent to help lead their people or empire into a new era. As we look through most of the captured and recorded history of the world it becomes pretty obvious that most civilizations eventually come to end. The leaders of these empires and reigns ran into something, someone, ideals, or disease they just could not overcome. These worksheets will explore a wide range of leadership throughout the passage of the world. Each world leader will have their life summed up in a reading passage complete with a graphic organizer to help students take notes of the key points. We follow up the reading with a series of multiple choice and- Short Answer.

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Queen Elizabeth I Reading Passage

She was only the third queen of England, to rule in her own right, and the previous two female rulers had proven to be quite disastrous. A nation ruled by a queen is called a monarchy. Elizabeth became quickly revered, and her true love for her people was well known for her leadership.

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Queen Elizabeth I - Organizer

This is perfect if you were setting up to write a biography on her.

Queen Elizabeth I- Multiple Choice

Queen Elizabeth was what age when she became queen? One of the few people Queen Elizabeth I sentenced to death was whom?

Queen Elizabeth- Short Answer

How did Queen Elizabeth I use her non-married status to the nation's benefit?

Julius Caesar Reading

In these times, a Roman nobleman found distinction by running for political office, and Caesar did just that. He was appointed to an ancient priesthood, and married Cornelia, in 84 BC.

Julius Caesar - Organizer

When his first wife died, he married a woman named Pompeia. His second marriage ended in divorce, when she was accused of being unfaithful.

Julius Caesar- Multiple Choice

Which famous queen did Caesar love? Who murdered Pompey?

Julius Caesar- Short Answer

At the time, was it normal for a leader to rise through the ranks of both military and politics?

Queen Isabella I Passage

Queen Isabella I is considered one of the most important royal leaders in history! Born in 1451, Isabella was the queen of Castile and Leon, a medieval kingdom located on what was called the Iberian Peninsula.

Queen Isabella I - Organizer

Queen Isabella I is a very important character in history. One of her most important feats was sponsoring the travels of Christopher Columbus, whose voyages lead to the discovery of America! She rejected his request three times before granting him her approval.

Queen Isabella I- Multiple Choice

What best describes Queen Isabella I's mental state towards the end of her life?

Queen Isabella I- Short Answer

Who named Queen Isabella and her husband the Catholic Monarchs of Spain? During the Spanish Inquisition, what happened to the Jewish and Muslim people living in the area?

Mohandas Gandhi Reading Passage

At age 12, Ghandi entered into an arranged marriage, and he went on to have four sons with his wife. He went to London, where he studied law. He graduated in 1891 and went to practice law in South Africa.

Mohandas Gandhi - Organizer

After World War I, Ghandi and his family returned to India. Many of his countrymen saw his vision, and joined him in non-violent protests. H

Mohandas Ghandi- Multiple Choice

Which of the following best describes Mohandas Ghandi's feelings towards violence? How this translate to his leadership style?

Mohandas Ghandi- Short Answer

. Read the passage about what Albert Einstein had to say about his friend Ghandi. What do you think he meant?

Mao Zedong Reading

Mao Zedong was a major political leader in China - but before that, he was the son of a peasant farmer, a great swimmer, and a visionary.

Mao Zedong - Organizer

While working at the Peking University Library as a young adult, Mao became a Marxist and went on to serve in a revolutionary army in the year 1911, during the Chinese Revolution. He became an early member of the Chinese Communist party, which was inspired by the Russian movement of communism.

Mao Zedong- Multiple Choice

Of the 100,000 people who were a part of The Long March, about how many survived?

Mao Zedong- Short Answer

. Find a place on the map that is 50 miles from where you live. Write down the name of the town, city, or area. Can you imagine walking that distance - every day? That is what Mao Zedong and his followers did in the summer of 1935.

Cleopatra Reading Passage

Born in the year 69 BC, Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII, who was the ruler and leader of Egypt. In 51 BC, her father passed away, and Cleopatra (being the eldest child) inherited the throne - along with her younger brother (also her husband), Ptolemy XIII.

Cleopatra - Organizer

Angry with her brother, Cleopatra fled the kingdom - and when she heard that the Roman leader, Julius Caesar, was in Alexandria (which was then the capital of Egypt), Cleopatra decided to meet with him to make a plea with him to help her win back the throne.

Cleopatra- Multiple Choice

How many languages is it believed that Cleopatra knew?

Cleopatra- Short Answer

When Cleopatra wanted to meet Julius Caesar, how did she sneak into the city?

Montezuma II Reading

Montezuma was the leader of the Aztecs, and he ruled from 1502 until 1520. He was born in 1480, and was trained to become a priest.

Montezuma - Organizer

In this period, the Aztecs controlled Mexico and Central America. During Montezuma's reign, a period of history called The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire began.

Montezuma- Multiple Choice

During his rule, what did Montezuma do to taxes?

Montezuma- Short Answer

Have you ever done something superstitious? If not, speak to someone (a family member or friend) who has, and write a few sentences about it.

Shaka Zulu Reading

One of the most famous South Africans to ever live was named Shaka Zulu, of the Zulu tribe. He was born in 1785. His father was the king of the Zulus, which were a very small tribe that he would eventually be leader of.

Shaka Zulu - Organizer

Shaka's warriors were taught to fight, to build new weapons, and to be very loyal to their king, Shaka, who lived amongst them like any other warrior - even though he could have lived as a king had he desired.

Shaka Zulu- Multiple Choice

Which tribe was Shaka a member of?

Shaka Zulu- Short Answer

Imagine you are young Shaka. You have been outcast from your tribe, but you know you have royal blood. Write a short letter to your tribe telling them how you feel.

Tokugawa Ieyasu Reading

Born to a military clan called Matsudeaira, Ieyasu was sent as a hostage to a neighboring clan, the Imagawa clan, in an effort to create an alliance.

Tokugawa leyasu - Organizer

The way a warrior would rule and grow into a full leader.

Tokugawa leyasu- Multiple Choice

What was the shogun's office or administration referred to as?

Tokugawa Ieyasu Answer Questions

Tokugawa Ieyasu: Explain which is the family name and which is the first name.

Alexander the Great Reading

As a young boy, Alexander was schooled by Aristotle, one of the greatest Greek teachers. He learned about warriors and heroes, and dreamed of one day joining their ranks and becoming a great ruler.

Alexander the Great - Organizer

Alexander had over 30,000 men under his leadership, and they marched through Iran (which was then known as Persia), conquering Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

Alexander the Great- Multiple Choice

When he conquered a city, Alexander the Great forced merchants to do what?

Alexander the Great- Short Answer

When Alexander the Great stumbled upon a Greek-speaking village, what did he do to the leader?

Ben's Life

Fill in the timeline with information about Benjamin Franklin's life as a leader.

Franklin's Ideas and Discoveries

Benjamin Franklin had many ideas and made many discoveries that make life easier for the people of his day. The trait of a great leader.

Ben Invents

Describe each of the following of Benjamin Franklin's inventions.

Printing Press

Benjamin Franklin started his adult life as a printing press apprentice. Explain how the following inventions changed the printing process.