These worksheets look at the elected officials in U.S. government that are seen as the top leaders.

The Executive Branch of Government is tasked with making sure all the laws created by the Legislative Branch create and the Judicial Branch validate are followed. The Executive Branch consists of the President and Vice President as well as cabinet members and heads of other agencies. These department heads offer the President advice on all major world issues foreign and domestic. It is the role of President to contemplate this advice and make the best decision possible.

These worksheets introduce the Executive Branch of Government and the players found within it. We start by looking at the President and his cabinet members. We extend this to look at the role of the Vice President and what can influence the entire executive branch.

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The Executive Branch - Reading Passage

The President is the leader of the county. He is also the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military.

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The Executive Branch - Multiple Choice Questions

The Vice President also casts tie-breaking votes in the Senate, and acts as a counselor/advisor to the President.

The Executive Office of the President

The president also has a very large institutional staff. These individuals manage the executive branch and develop policy.

The Executive Office of the President - Short Answer Questions

Who are the President's personal staff and what do they do?

The President's Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of the President’s top advisors. Each individual in the Cabinet works as the head of one of the fifteen different government Departments.

QUESTIONS: The President's Cabinet

Cabinet members are chosen by the President, but they must be approved by the Senate.

Responsibilities of the President

The President of the United States has many duties. Some of these duties are outlined in the Constitution. Others have evolved over time, and reflect our modern society.

QUESTIONS: Responsibilities of the President

Acting under which title does the President have overall responsibility for all interactions between the United States and foreign countries?

Responsibilities of the Vice President

According to the U.S. Constitution, the Vice President’s only job is to act as the presiding officer of the Senate.

Responsibilities of the Vice President

In the history of the office, thirteen Vice Presidents have become President. Eight have assumed the office because a president died while in office.

Influences on the U.S. Executive Branch Reading Passage

When the U.S. Constitution was originally written, the executive power of most countries was in the hands of a monarch (king or queen).

QUESTIONS: Influences on the U.S. Executive Branch

What histories did the Constitutional delegates draw from when creating the Executive Office of the United States?

The President's Foreign Policy Advisor

The Cabinet is comprised of the heads of fifteen different departments, each of which are responsible for taking care of an aspect of running our country.

QUESTIONS: The President's Foreign Policy Advisor

Members of the Department of State represent the United States in foreign countries, work to combat international crime, and provide a wide array of services to both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals who are trying to enter the United States.

The National Security Council - Reading Worksheet

The National Security Council is the main forum for the President to get together with his senior national security advisors and cabinet officials to discuss matters of national security and foreign policy.

The National Security Council - Short Answer Questions

Was the Director of the CIA always a member of the National Security Council?

Facts About the Executive Office

According to the Constitution, in order to serve as President, a person must be at least thirty-five years old and a resident of the United States for a least fourteen years.

Facts About the Executive Office- Multiple Choice Questions

The Constitution puts no restrictions on the ethnic, racial, or religious background of presidential candidates.

Presidential Line of Succession

In the event that the United States President is unable to carry out his or her duties for any reason, a sequence of people has been established who will take over the office of the presidency.

Presidential Line of Succession - Short Answer

If none of these individuals are available to succeed as President, the line of succession moves to the fifteen Cabinet members.