A series of printable teacher worksheets that explore one of the most devastating wars of all time, World War II.

With the rise of the Germany Nazi party came a great deal of aggression towards other States under the leadership of Adolph Hitler. Hitler wanted nothing less than complete world domination. His forces quickly took over bordering countries Austria and Czechoslovakia. When Hitler set his sights on the likes of Poland, Britain, and France; those countries pushed back. The Soviet Union and the United States initially were neutral to the war, but as the war raged on and Hitler’s plan came to light they both joined the allied forces in the fight.

This was one of the most frustrating wars in human history because it was fueled by ignorance and the beliefs of a few men. These worksheets look at all the major events of the war and each side of the battlefield.

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World War II Reading Passage

The two opposing sides in World War II were called the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers.

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World War II - Multiple Choice Questions

Of the Axis powers, Italy was the first to surrender, in 1943. Germany was next, surrendering to the Allies in May of 1945.

Causes of World War II

Japan was growing quickly in the period before World War II. But as a small island nation, their land and limited natural resources could not sustain that growth.

Causes of World War II - Short Answer Questions

What triggered the start of World War II and what was the result?

The Allied Powers

The two opposing sides of World War II were known as the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers.

QUESTIONS: The Allied Powers

The Allied Powers did not all enter the war at the same time, and they didn’t even all start out on the same side.

The Axis Powers

The alliances between the countries that would become the Axis Powers began in 1936 when Germany and Italy signed a treaty that formed the Rome-German Axis.

QUESTIONS: The Axis Powers

Which side were Romania and Bulgaria on during World War II?

Pearl Harbor

When Japan attacked, the United States was taken completely by surprise. Hundreds of Japanese fighter planes targeted the U.S. fighter planes on the ground.

QUESTIONS: Pearl Harbor

The reason behind the attack was preemptive. Japan feared that U.S. Navy ships so close to Asia would interfere with Japan's plans to take over other countries and add them to the Japanese empire.

Iwo Jima Reading Passage

Iwo Jima is an island with an area of about eight square miles, located in the Pacific Ocean, 750 miles south of Tokyo in Japan.


When the Marines first landed on Iwo Jima, why were they not attacked?

The Holocaust

The Holocaust took place under the direction of Adolf Hitler, leader of Germany during World War II.

QUESTIONS: The Holocaust

During World War II, in cities across Europe, the Nazis forced all the Jewish people into one part of town called the ghetto.

D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy Reading Worksheet

D-Day is the name given to the day on June 6th, 1944, that the Allied Forces (Britain, America, Canada, and France) attacked the German army on the coast of Normandy in France.

D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy - Short Answer Questions

Though the Germans anticipated an invasion, they didn't know where it would happen.

Anne Frank

Anne, who wanted to be a writer when she grew up, kept a diary. When she heard the Minister of Education on the radio asking people to keep war diaries, she decided to rewrite her diary as a novel which she called The Secret Annex.

Anne Frank- Multiple Choice Questions

Only Otto Frank, Anne's father, survived. Anne and her sister died of disease and malnutrition in Bergen-Belsen.

The Atomic Bomb Ends World War II

The objective of the project was to research and develop an atomic bomb.

The Atomic Bomb Ends World War II - Short Answer

What was the name of the project that developed the atomic bomb?