These worksheets engage students with the concept of a Feudal Society and examines all aspects of it.

During the Middle Ages, between the ninth and fifteenth centuries, Feudalism was a social-political-economic structure followed by most of Western Europe. Put into the simplest terms, the people were given land in return for goods or services. The structure of power in Feudal systems had basically four levels. The top level was held by the Kind and his court. The King was the decision maker and was sworn loyalty and military aid by the Lords class below him. The Lords would provide food and shelter to Knights found below them. At the bottom were the peasants that would farm land or pay tribute to all levels above them. In return peasants would receive generous helpings of land.

The worksheets below will provide you with a reading passage followed by corresponding questions. Answer keys can be found next to the question sheets. We look at the struggles and triumphs of past Feudal systems.

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The Feudal System Reading Passage

Feudalism was the social structure and style of government in Europe during the middle ages.

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The Feudal System - Multiple Choice Questions

Communities formed around each lord. The lord lived in a manor, which was a large house or castle.

European Feudalism and Religion

Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in 391 AD, after which the Christian Church gained much power and influence.

European Feudalism and Religion - Short Answer Questions

The Church also had a great deal of influence in non-religious matters. Clergyman were some of the most well-educated men of the time, and were often called upon to assist the king in making political, financial, judicial and military decisions.

Daily Life in Feudal Society

During the Middle Ages, most people were serfs (peasants) who lived and worked on a lord’s manor in exchange for his protection. The life of most serfs was hard, and religion played a huge role.

QUESTIONS: Daily Life in Feudal Society

Clothing in the Middle Ages differed depending on what social class a person was in.

The Black Death

The Black Death was a very contagious disease that killed between 75 and 200 million people in the Middle Ages between 1347 and 1350.

QUESTIONS: The Black Death

Today, the Black Death is known as the bubonic plague.


Feudalism was a social and governmental structure in which power was spread out amongst different lords, who each had control over a certain area of land.


The first castles were made of wood. Later, stone was added to make them stronger.

Knights and Feudal Society Reading Passage

The first way to become a knight was by distinguishing himself on the battlefield by fighting bravely.

QUESTIONS: Knights and Feudal Society

Knights were committed to military service for their lords, and were expected to fight for that lord when called upon.

Serfs and Feudal Society

Feudalism began with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476. The concept of serfdom, which was something like slavery or indentured service, was introduced by the Romans and continued into the Middle Ages.

QUESTIONS: Serfs and Feudal Society

The social status of a serf was passed from generation to generation, and generations of serfs tended to remain on the same estate, even if the land changed ownership.

Fiefs Reading Worksheet

Feudalism was the social structure and style of government in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Fiefs - Short Answer Questions

The master who lived in the manor did not own the fief. All fiefs were ultimately owned by the king, and were granted for only as long as the king wanted him to have it.

The Decline of Feudalism

The Crusades helped to bring about the end of feudalism because many barons and knights mortgaged or sold their fiefs so that they could afford to participate in the Crusades.

The Decline of Feudalism- Questions

What role did the Peasant's Revolt play in the decline of feudalism?

Feudalism in Japan

Feudalism was the dominant social and political organization in Japan from 1185 to 1868.

Feudalism in Japan - Short Answer

The various Shogun did not always have the same interests, and they sometimes fought one another in civil wars.