In the late eighteenth century the people of France were irate with their Monarchy and they took control of their government.

Since the dawn of the Middle Ages France was set under a class system where regardless of your efforts what you were born into is what you were. No one dared question this system until the eighteenth century when a group of French philosophers started questioning the concept of equality for citizens. People saw the Revolution that happened in the American Colonies and were inspired to take their own freedom as well.

The worksheets below examine the causes for the French Revolution, symbols, the reign of terror, and the storming of Bastille.

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The French Revolution Reading Passage

The revolution lasted for 10 years. Prior to the revolution, there were three general social classes in France.

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The French Revolution - Multiple Choice Questions

The French Revolution ended both monarchy and feudalism in France, and reduced the political power of the Catholic church.

What Caused It?

One of these issues was that France was in a state of financial crisis.

What Caused It? - Short Answer Questions

What was the social class made up of the common man, to which mot of the people in the country belonged?


The Tricolor Cockade was a red, white, and blue circle that people pinned to their outer garments to show their support for the revolution.


Two French symbols still in use today are the French Flag and "La Marseillaise."

The Estates General and the National Assembly

The first issue discussed at this 1789 meeting was how voting would work.

QUESTIONS: The Estates General and the National Assembly

What was the first issue discussed when the Estates General convened in 1789?

The Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror was the most violent period of the French Revolution.

QUESTIONS: The Reign of Terror

About 17,000 people were executed in France during the Reign of Terror, most by guillotine, a large machine designed to execute people quickly and efficiently by chopping off their heads.

The Bastille Reading Passage

The Bastille was primarily used by King Louis XVI as a prison.

QUESTIONS: The Bastille

Why was the storming of the Bastille significant?

The Women's March on Versailles

One morning, the people in a marketplace in Paris were so frustrated at not being able to get bread for their families at fair price that they began to march through the city.

QUESTIONS: The Women's March on Versailles

It took them six hours to reach the palace. There, they demanded to see the King, who met with several of the women and agreed to give them food from the palace storage.

The French Directory Reading Worksheet

The Directory was the government of France during the final stages of the French Revolution.

The French Directory - Short Answer Questions

Which part of The Directory handled the day-to-day functions of the government?

The Jacobins

The Jacobins were an influential club of radical revolutionaries during the revolution.

The Jacobins - Multiple Choice Questions

At this time, the country was being attacked by foreign enemies, and civil wars were also beginning to break out.

French Revolutionaries

The revolutionary Charlotte Corday sided with the more moderate members of the Jacobin club called the Girondists.

French Revolutionaries - Short Answer

George Danton, often credited with leading the overthrow of Louis XVI, was president of another club, the Cordeliers.