These worksheets explore China, the fourth largest country in the world by area, but the largest by population.

This collection of worksheets will introduce your students to the country of China. They will learn about many diverse subjects, such as important population centers, comparisons between city and village life, clothing, food, ancient and modern industries, history, government, and more. Activities include reading passages with questionnaires, maps, graphs, Venn diagrams, etc. Answer keys have been provided where necessary. A good project to consider would be to compare and contrast the current Chinese industrial boom with those of other countries.

Fun Fact: Chinese fortune cookies are not originally from China. They were created by Japanese immigrants in San Francisco at the end of the 19th century!

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The Capital City - Reading Passage

Somewhat like Washington, D.C. is located in the eastern part of the United States, Beijing is situated in the far eastern part of China thousands of miles from the western autonomous regions of China that include the former country of Tibet.

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Multiple Choice Questions - Capital City

Beijing is an ancient city and was once home to the emperors who ruled China for thousands of years.

Short Answer Questions - Capital City

Beijing is home to Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Tiananmen Square is near the Forbidden City.

Map of China

Locate the major cities of China by drawing a line from the name of the city below to its location on the map.

Outline Map of China

A blank outline for you to label and work with for many different reasons.

Locate Major Cities of China

Place the number of each city on the map.

Population by City

We look at the major population clusters of Chinese cities.

Climate and Weather - Reading Passage

The monsoon season is controlled by monsoon winds that bow in from the ocean waters off the coast of China.

Climate and Weather - Multiple Choice Questions

Northern China experiences sub-zero temperatures and snow just like the northern United States.

Climate and Weather - Short Answer Questions

China is also marked by extremes in geography and climate. Western China now includes the former country of Tibet.

Climate - Venn Diagram

Compare the climate of China to your local climate.

The Food

Food is an important aspect of the culture of a country or region of the world. What people like to eat in Asian countries can be very different from what people eat in Europe and North America.

Traditional Chinese Clothing

Draw a picture of the traditional clothing worn by people in China.

National Information

This is a research worksheet. Explore the major data points of the country.

At a Glance - Reading Passage

While Chinese products fill stores in the United States, Chinese workers are under-employed; this means there are not enough jobs for people who want to work. In a hurry to create factories, China has major air and water pollution problems because the focus is just to make products without concern for the environment and worker safety.

At a Glance - Multiple Choice Questions

About half the people of China are farmers who work in small farm plots and remain poor.

At a Glance - Short Answer Questions

Using the numbers you wrote above, how many Chinese people are there for every American?

Plants and Animals - Reading Passage

The panda eats bamboo all the time and only eats other foods like honey, eggs, fish, and leaves when bamboo isn't available. Pandas eat about 20 to 30 pounds of bamboo each day.

Plants and Animals - Multiple Choice Questions

Another important animal in China is the yak. Yaks look a little like long-haired cow.

Plants and Animals - Short Answer Questions

China is home to about 32,000 species of plants. This number is about one eighth of all the plant species on earth.

Plants & Animals - Venn Diagram

Compare the plants and animals of China to your local area.

The People - Reading Passage

Just as in the U.S. China has major urban areas where much of the population lives but both China and the U.S. have vast rural areas that are sparsely populated.

The People - Multiple Choice Questions

There are 56 ethnic groups in China but over 90% of the people are Han Chinese.

The People - Short Answer Questions

The major holiday in China is Chinese New Year and this is the time for family reunions. Businesses close for weeks for celebrating Chinese New Year.

People of Your Culture - Venn Diagram

Compare the people of your culture to the people of China.

The Life of a Modern Chinese Boy - Reading Passage

Beijing has both ancient areas where homes and shops are 400 years old near to brand new modern skyscrapers.

The Life of a Modern Chinese Boy - Multiple Choice Questions

Due to China's one child policy, the average young boy doesn't have any brothers or sisters and never will.

The Life of a Modern Chinese Boy - Short Answer Questions

All students wear a school uniform, the same uniform for boys and girls.

Ontario - Venn Diagram

Compare the lifestyle of a modern Chinese boy to a modern boy from your area.

The Village Life of a Chinese Girl - Reading Worksheet

Let's look at the life of 9 year-old Jiao who lives in a remote village.

Village Life of a Chinese Girl - Multiple Choice Questions

Even though there aren't many people in Jiao's village, there exists a primary school there but no high school.

Village Life of a Chinese Girl - Short Answer Questions

Most rural children do not complete their primary education. Only about 60% of village children complete five years of schooling and only half of those are knowledgeable about the subjects they studied.

Modern Chinese Boy - Venn Diagram

Compare the lifestyle of a modern Chinese boy to a modern boy from your area.

Growing Too Fast - Reading Worksheet

Think about your class in school but imagine 80 students in your class instead of 20.

Growing Too Fast - Multiple Choice Questions

For most of the 20th century China's population was growing dramatically and the Chinese government realized that the country would have trouble feeding so many people let alone providing schools, jobs, health care and other necessary services.

Growing Too Fast - Short Answer Questions

The growth in population has slowed in China and outside agencies like the United Nations are asking China to discontinue the one-child policy.

Population of Major Cities in China

Graph the population of the 10 major cities of China.

Population of Changes in China by Decade

Graph the change in population over time.

Contributions to the World - Reading Worksheet

Let's take a few minutes to review the highlights of some of these contributions to arts and culture.

Contributions to the World - Multiple Choice Questions

The Chinese people were the first ones to discover the idea of a compass.

Contributions to the World - Short Answer Questions

Pottery has long been one of the major products of China. Chinese potters created the fine china known as porcelain in the ninth century.

Chinese and Western Culture - Reading Worksheet

Five thousand years of civilization makes China one of the oldest cultures on earth.

Chinese and Western Culture - Multiple Choice Questions

Western culture is based upon Christianity and its principles. Western culture emphasizes the individual, ambition for wealth and power, and freedom.

Chinese and Western Culture - Short Answer Questions

Since 1949 when the Communism came to power, not much music was played in China.

Great People - Reading Worksheet

China once was seven separate states and in 221 BC Qin She Huang became the first Emperor of a unified China.

Great People - Multiple Choice Questions

The most famous Chinese person known across the globe is the philosopher Confucius who lived from 551 BC to 479 BC.

Great People - Short Answer Questions

Genghis Khan may be known in European history as an invader but he is important in Chinese history as a great emperor who ruled parts of northwest China.