These worksheets explore different occupations that benefit the community (and therefore the nation) as a whole.

Many people are in professions that serve their local communities, such as doctors, dentists, teachers, police officers, and even bakers. Some people serve all communities by enlisting in the military. We collective call people that serve these roles in our communities Community Helpers. We have to remember that these people not only help others in the communities that they serve, but they are often residents and are supporting the community from within. The people that serve these positions help make our surroundings cleaner, safe, and generally better for all the others that inhabit it. If you take a ride through the center of your town our city you will see these people in action right away. When tragedy strikes, Community Helpers are the first people to jump into action and they are the people we count on to help us and our family members. These people are often taken for granted, but in your moment of need they become the most important people in your world.

This collection of worksheets will look at a wide range of community helpers and those that fill these critical roles for us. We look at the medical professional with dentists, doctors, and nurses. Those that prepare our food in cooks, chefs, and bakers. We will look at those that are pushing our understanding of space and science. We will look at those that protect us in other countries (military soldiers) and at home (firefighters and police officers). The following collection of worksheets examines some of these professions in detail with short reading passages. Each short passage is accompanied by two different questionnaires – a multiple choice sheet and a short answer sheet. Answer keys have been provided for the instructor. Project idea: Have your students pick a profession to report on, including education requirements, average salary, fields of practice, etc., and present it to the class.

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Doctors and Nurses -Reading Passage

Doctors and nurses help to keep people healthy. Doctors tell people what medicines they need to take to feel better if they are sick.

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Multiple Choice Questions

Doctors need a lot of schooling and training. Doctors go to medical school for four years after graduating from regular college. Some doctors become specialists.

Short Answer Questions

Nurses help to keep people healthy too. Nurses have lots of training in how to make patients feel better and how to keep them from getting sick.

Chefs, Cooks and Bakers - Reading Passage

Do you have your breakfast or lunch at school in the cafeteria? Who prepares the food that students eat at school?

Multiple Choice Questions

Chefs prepare food too. Usually chefs work at a fancy restaurant where they make special dishes called gourmet food.

Short Answer Questions

Most people learn to cook at home but chefs attend a school called a culinary school where they learn how to prepare all kinds of food. Bakers can go to culinary school too.

Astronauts - Reading Passage

Astronauts are people who are specially trained to travel into space. The word astronaut means "space sailor."

Multiple Choice Questions

Astronauts are people who love adventure. Only a very few people have become astronauts.

Short Answer Questions

NASA is the part of the United States government that takes care of space travel. When NASA was sure that astronauts were safe orbiting the earth, they sent astronauts to explore on the moon.

Soldiers - Reading Passage

Soldiers are brave men and women who are part of the United States Army. Soldiers join the army in order to keep the United States safe.

Military Soldiers - Multiple Choice Questions

Lots of people who are part of the military do not serve mainly as fighters. The military needs all kinds of trained people.

Short Answer Questions

People promise to stay in the military for a number of years when they join. Joining the military is called enlisting.

Teachers - Reading Passage

Teachers are very important people, especially in the lives of children. Teachers also make a difference in the lives of many people of all ages.

Multiple Choice Questions

Teachers go to college to learn how to teach students in the classroom every day. Teachers study how to explain facts and ideas to kids of different ages.

Short Answer Questions

There are many teachers who do not work in schools. For example, there are teachers in the military who teach new soldiers about fighting and being in the military.

Dentists -Reading Passage

Dentists take care of teeth and other parts of your mouth. Do you realize how important your teeth are to good health?

Multiple Choice Questions

Dentists work every day to help their patients to be healthy. It can be scary to visit the dentist because of all the equipment in the office and needing to sit in the big chair.

Short Answer Questions

Some dentists have even more training and are called oral surgeons. Oral is another word for inside the mouth.

Mail Carriers - Reading Passage

Mail carriers bring mail and packages to homes and businesses everywhere in the United States. Mail carriers work for the United States Postal Service which is a branch of the United States government.

Multiple Choice Questions

Mail carriers do not need to have a college education. Mail carriers are trained by other post office employees on how to handle the mail properly.

Short Answer Questions

Mail carriers that work in the country where houses are far apart from each other are called rural route carriers.

Police Officers - Reading Passage

Police officers work hard to help keep everyone safe. Police officers patrol roads to make sure drivers obey traffic laws because traffic laws are there for safety.

Multiple Choice Questions

Police officers investigate the crime and try to figure out and find the person who committed the crime.

Short Answer Questions

There are many kinds of police officers. Some police officers work for the city or town government through a police department. Sheriffs work for a county

Artists - Reading Passage

Artists are creative people who have lots of imagination.

Multiple Choice Questions

When people hear the word artist they at first think about painters who create paintings like you see hanging on walls.

Short Answer Questions

Television programs and movies use different kinds of artists. Artists create the characters, costumes, and make-up for sci-fi, adventure and horror shows.

Firefighters- Passage

It seems so exciting and it is. When there’s a fire emergency firefighters hurry to get their suits on and take off from the fire station with sirens blasting on their huge red or yellow fire trucks.

Multiple Choice Questions

Even though this all sounds so exciting, firefighters have a difficult job and harsh conditions to work in.

Short Answer Questions

Firefighters need a lot of special training. In large cities firefighters must attend the fire academy to learn how to fight fires.