We mix finding the sum of four or five digit integers with a five digit integer.

As we approach the sums of large numbers we are far past math facts and are moving towards scientific math. The integers we are working with here have a very concrete place in the real world. Students are now ready to work at the school store and provide customers with change. A good topic to cross this with is number words. Larger numbers are often difficult for children to bring to words. We suggest starting with words. Then advance to teaching the concept of place value. You can then move on to this topic and you should see a very positive outcome. It is often a very bold move to begin to add larger integers. Students might be a little lost at first. If that happens just revert to teaching place values. If they still have trouble, start with easier round (ending in zero) integers.

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Print 5 Digit Addition Worksheets

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5 Digit Addition Lesson

5 Digit Addition Lesson

This lesson walks you through addition of the ones, tens, hundred, thousands, and ten-thousands places.

Practice Worksheet 1

Practice Worksheet 1

Focus on the set of columns while working on these sums. We show you how to start with the right column and work your way over to the left.

Practice Worksheet 2

Practice Worksheet 2

The bold work is misaligned on purpose to see how kids adjust on the fly. When you are working with 5 digits, it is a good idea to draw vertical lines to represent the columns.

Skill Review Worksheet

Skill Review

Practice this skill by completing all the problems. An example is provided for you.

5 Digit Addition Quiz

5 Digit Addition Quiz

Time to see if the worksheets have sunk in for you.

Do Now Worksheet

Do Now

Complete the problems. Put your answer in the “My Answer” box.

Meet the Skill Worksheet

Meet the Skill

Add the numbers in the hundreds' column (6 + 5 = 11). This number is larger than 10 so place 1 above the thousands' column and place the 1 below the line in the hundreds' place.

Work Through Worksheet

Work Through Worksheet

This is a great one that helps you through learning this skill in a step by step manner.

Practice the Skill Worksheet

Practice the Skill

This sheet is a little tight to see all that you need, write in a smaller size.

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 3

Make sure to write above and below each of the problem areas.

Show the Skill Worksheet

Show the Skill

More work for you on this topic. You will add a series of 5 digit values.

Warm Up Worksheet

Warm Up

Often referred to as a "Do Now", this sheet will get the day kicked off.

Adding 4-Digit to 5-Digit Worksheet

Adding 4-Digit to 5-Digit Numbers #1

We tried to make this a slight step above actual handwriting to make it more life like for students.

Adding 4-Digit to 5-Digit Numbers Worksheet #2

Adding 4-Digit to 5-Digit Numbers # 2

Make sure you use the proper alignment.

Skills Worksheet #3

Adding 4-Digit to 5-Digit Numbers #3

A very sizable font and addition symbol are present in this pack for you.

How to Perform 5-Digit Addition

The addition of numbers can be fun for kids when the numbers are smaller. However, bigger numbers like 4-digit and 5-digit numbers can be tricky to add or subtract. Although kids eventually learn how to add these numbers, the teachers have to put a lot of effort into helping them do it. Whether you are a teacher seeking help in teaching, or a student looking to know how to perform 5-digit Addition, we can help.

To understand how to add 5-digit numbers, you must first know what 5-digit numbers are. The 5-digit numbers are those with five values from ones to ten thousand's place. The smallest number in the category is ten thousand (10,000). Similarly, the greatest 5-digit number is ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine (99,999).

Let's look at how you can add 5-digit numbers using the regrouping method.

Adding By Regrouping

To add 5-digit numbers using the regrouping method, you need to arrange the numbers place-wise and perform addition vertically on each digit of the two addends. After placing the numbers correctly, you need to follow the below-listed steps.

  • Arrange the numbers place-wise, starting from one's place.
  • Put the two 5-digit numbers (addends) such that one number comes above the second one.
  • Add the numbers vertically from the ones on.
  • If the sum of the numbers is more than ten, carry the tens value to the next digit.
  • Add the numbers in tens and add the carried value to the result.
  • If the sum exceeds ten, carry the digit to the hundreds.
  • Follow the same pattern until you reach the ten thousands.
  • If the sum has a 2-digit value in the ten thousands, right the result in the next place.

5-Digit Numbers Addition Examples

Adding 24014 and 92004.


+  92004


To add the two numbers:

1.Begin with 4 + 4 = 8 in ones value.

2.Now, move to the tens and add 1 + 0 = 1 in the tens value.

3.Move to the hundreds and add 0 + 0 = 0 in the hundreds value.

4.Now add the thousands numbers 4 + 2 = 6 and place the value in the thousands.

5.In the final step, add the numbers in the ten thousands 2 + 9 = 11 and place the ones in the ten thousands, and the tens next to it.

The sum of the two numbers comes out to be 116018.

Adding 63421 and 54521.


+  54521


To add these numbers:

1.Start with 1 + 1 = 2 at the ones to get the resulting value.

2.Proceed with 2 + 2 = 4 at the tens to get the tens.

3.In the next move, add 4 + 5 = 9 and place the value in the hundreds.

4.Following the same pattern, add 3 + 4 = 7 and place it in the thousands.

5.In the final step, add the digits in the ten thousands, 6 + 5 = 11, and place the sum in the ten thousands.

The sum of the two numbers will be 117942.

Summing Up

The Addition of 5-digit numbers can be difficult for students. While this may be correct, regrouping numbers can make it easy to add individual digits vertically. Students can apply their single-digit addition knowledge to each number to break big numbers into smaller ones.

You can find different ways to help your students grasp the addition process by regrouping numbers as a teacher. If you want to find more 5-digit number examples to show your students, you can seek help from some of the many online resources.