A series of math worksheets involving coins and bills. This also includes a little business math.

It's estimated that Americans basically lose a potential of ten billion dollars annually in savings and interest penalties due to poor finance literacy. More people know how much they have remaining on their Starbucks gift card than they know the current value of their checking accounts. More than half of the students that take out student loans ever take the time to determine what their monthly fee will be when they graduate college. There is some great news for math students that are putting tons of time into math. Students that take higher level math in high school are more likely to make upwards of twenty-five percent more and much less likely to be unemployed compared to students in basic math courses. There is also a strong correlation between college degrees and income and lifetime earnings. The bottom line is that staying in school and studying math pays.

These worksheets and lessons will help lead you in the right direction with financial literacy. The topics are in alphabetical order to make them easier to find. We will start you out with counting coins and bills. We will show you how to make change for people building off of that skill. Students will learn how convert values between currencies. We will end of learning how to calculate interest and solve word problems that rooted in financial transactions. In this section of our site we explore not only value of basic coins and bills, but what they mean in trends of future value.

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Money Math Worksheets Categories

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Calculating Interest

When we lend or borrow money our main motivation or the motivation of the lender is to gain money in the form of interest which is money that accrues over the period that the money is not returned.

Comparing Values of Money

We learn how to determine the greater or lesser value between two sums of money.

Counting Money

You will learn how to count all U.S. coins and bills.

Money Conversion

Learn how to convert currency between various countries and union currency.

Making Change

We do this every time we go to the store. The cash register automatically does it for us, but what happens when you go to a flea market?

Matching Currency Values

All of these worksheets are coin based, and you will match sums to coins.

Math Operations with Money

This is similar to making change, but you have to tell how many of each coin type you will need.

Missing Values with Coins

This is a nice review of basic problems for this topic.

Money Word Problems

We show students how to determine what operations and currency values are presented in the word problems. We also show them the standard progression that they should be following.