These worksheets look at the basic concept of percentages and how to calculate them.

Percentages tell us how much of a whole piece that we have. This directly relates to fractions and decimals, since they are based on the same general concept. If we look at the concept closer, percentages are just fractions that are out of one hundred. For example ten percent is just ten out of one hundred. The great advantage of percentages over fractions is that they help us compare value much quicker. Which of the following sales pitches would be easier for you to understand: “This week twenty-five percent off all shoes!” or “This week only pay seventy-five one-hundredths for shoes!” Okay, that example was a bit out there, but you get the point and can see the value is using percentages.

The series of worksheets presents the basic idea of what percentages are. We also explore the relationship between percentages, decimals, and fractions. These relationships are often explored by all middle school students at one time or another.

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