In this section you will find all of our fraction based worksheets. We have full topic coverage on this subject.

With a numerator on top and a denominator on the bottom, fractions are one of three ways we represent numbers that are less than one (the others being decimals and percentages). The worksheets on these pages will teach your students the following fraction skills: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions; working with like and unlike fractions; comparing fractions and decimals; ordering fractions; converting fractions into decimals or mixed numbers; determining the fractions of areas and shapes; working with mixed numbers; manipulating reciprocals; placing fractions on number lines; finding equivalent expressions for fractions; reducing fractions to their lowest terms; and more.

Fractions are simply division in motion or numbers being broken down into pieces and parts. Something we find very funny is that for hundreds of years the world traded goods and services in the form of fractions. When the stock market came about this followed suite. After just over 100 years, the stock market began to switch trading to dollars and cents. In reality they began trading in decimals. Was fraction based math too hard for us?

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