We have basic an advanced printable inequality worksheets available down below.

We use inequalities to state the relationship between two expressions that aren't equal. The beginning of the word says it all "Inequal" = not equal. You probably weren't aware that we use inequalities all the time, even in daily language. If we say for example "Sarah and Tara raced down the ski slope. Tara was faster down the slop and won the race." You can write this as S = Sarah and T = Tara. Therefore T is greater than S or T > S.
Your students will use these worksheets to learn how to construct inequalities based on given information, which may appear as visual cues (such as circles placed on number lines, for example). These sets of worksheets contain all step by step introductory material, simple exercises, longer assignments, reviews, and quizzes.

Below you will find over 112 inequality worksheets that start out with simple linear comparisons to actual solving or displaying expressions on a graph.

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