Worksheets that work with polynomial operations, polynomial word problems, and even factoring polynomials.

We use polynomials almost every single day and have no clue that we are doing it. A simple example is a walk to your everyday store. We go in and want to know the price of a carton of eggs, two gallons of milk, and three pounds of good ole’ chop meat. In polynomial language this would be expressed as e + 2m + 3 c. While this may be simple and easy to comprehend there are many careers out there that focus almost entirely on this skill to gauge and predict the possible outcomes of a whole pf different possible scenarios. Polynomials are expressions that have more than two terms. They usually consist of three main parts: constants, exponents (if applicable), and variables. Constants are fixed values like the number 5 or the fraction 1/2 or even negative integers. Exponents, are well, exponents! So the value raised to a power of itself. Variable are usually indicated by letters or symbols. The variable x and y are loved by most.

Polynomials are usually bane of most Algebra student's existence, but when are polynomials ever valuable outside of the math classroom. Polynomials are used to describe the path and method most things travel. Ever ride a roller coaster? The safety and standards of all roller are described and evaluated using polynomials. When working on curbing traffic and automobile congestion, polynomials often come into play. Have you ever wanted to own your own Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s? You will need to prove to those organizations that you have a picked a location that has plenty of paying customers. Guess how? You guessed it! This humongous succession of worksheets and lesson with help your students understand how to process basic operations with polynomials as well as how to factor them in the proper medium. We will also explore how to model their movements and executions within word problems and math problems based on a story of some kind.

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Add and Subtract Polynomials

When adding combine the likes, when subtracting just flip the signs of the terms and that pretty much sums it up.

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Division of Polynomials

It really helps streamline this operation if you first split the problem into positive and negative values.

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Factoring Polynomials

Always start by finding that GCF to get this snowball a rolling. If it is a trinomial, you will need to use the FOIL method.

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Graphing Polynomials

There are common trends that apply to polynomials on a coordinate graph. An example is that the both of the ends of the graph will point up if the polynomial is even and the lead coefficient is positive.

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Multiplication of Polynomials

This requires a bit of vocabulary to teach and learn. Make sure to review the common words they will see in this section with students.

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Polynomial Equation of Higher Degree

You can use factoring, but that becomes a pretty tall order in some cases. We show you a few ways around these.

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Polynomial Word Problems

Here is an example: In a drill, Mark gives Fred a 45-meter head start. After t seconds, Fred is a distance 5t + 45 from the starting line and Mark is a distance of 6t from the starting line. How far ahead of Mark is Fred after t seconds?

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