Worksheets that work with polynomial operations, polynomial word problems, and even factoring polynomials.

Polynomials are expressions that have more than two terms. They usually consist of three main parts: constants, exponents (if applicable), and variables. Constants are fixed values like the number 5 or the fraction 1/2 or even negative integers. Exponents, are well, exponents! So the value raised to a power of itself. Variable are usually indicated by letters or symbols. The variable x and y are loved by most.

Polynomials are usually bane of most Algebra student’s existence, but when are polynomials ever valuable outside of the math classroom. Polynomials are used to describe the path and method most things travel. Ever ride a roller coaster? The safety and standards of all roller are described and evaluated using polynomials. When working on curbing traffic and automobile congestion, polynomials often come into play. Have you ever wanted to own your own Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s? You will need to prove to those organizations that you have a picked a location that has plenty of paying customers. Guess how? You guessed it!

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