In this section you will find worksheets that involve factoring including primes.

Factoring is a process in which an expression is converted into a multiplication problem to find its factors. Factors are any number or expression that divides another number or expression evenly, with no remainders. Your students will learn the following factoring skills: factoring the difference of perfect squares; factoring expressions and equations; finding factors of numbers; determining least common multiples and greatest common factors; discovering prime factors, the difference between primes and composites; how to rewrite expressions using factoring; determining common factors in binomial and trinomial expressions; how to use properties such as the distributive; applying factoring to real-world problems.

Factoring is basically a verb that tells us that we need to find the factors of base of the problem we are presented with. In some cases we will be asked to expand number sets, this is the opposite of factoring. When factoring we are often looking for the highest level of commonality between numbers or number sets.

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