Printable math worksheets specifically for preschool students and teachers.

Prior to entering Kindergarten there are many pre-math skills that children should begin to work on. While the Common Core (most standards for that matter) overlook this age in the learning process, we try to offer you some ideas of the topics that are important. The work focuses mostly on understanding basic numeracy and relationships of numbers and objects. You would be surprised to know that not many students enter Kindergarten understanding the concept of the position “above”. Yet this is very common. You will find that parents simply explaining concepts will help children improve on this. I would even go as far as suggesting that teachers make some of these sheets summer pre-Kindergarten work for their students in summer work packets.

In this section you will find simple worksheets that children can work on independently. The topics including simple comparisons, finding connections between objects, counting, days of the week, measurement, positions and relations, simple shapes, and the concept of subtraction.

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