The following activity sheets give your beginning students practice in working with simple number lines.

The number line is an important invention in the education of mathematics. They help us visually diagram math systems and the concept of absolute value. An English mathematician by the name of John Wallis realized that it was the perfect tool to display values that were less than zero. This brought to light the concept of negative numbers. When you are using a number line with students for the first time it is important to help them understand that since this is a line and not a line segment it continues infinitely in both directions. As you progress into theoretical math and science the number line is helpful to display theoretical and imaginary numbers. Number lines are graduated straight lines that serve as a visual of the progression of real numbers. The scale is usually centered around the value of zero. To the left of this zero point are negative values and to the right of that point are positive values. Students need to remember that these are lines and they extend infinitely in each direction.

These worksheets explain how to fill out the missing information on simple number lines. Many pages offer basic templates for use with other sets by the instructor. As you scroll down the page you find the activity sheets that ask students to plot point and make their own hash marks. The upper pages are templates for you to use in your classroom with students. These are quick and easy to get them working on your classroom activities.

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Printable Numbers Line Worksheets

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0 to 20 Worksheet

This worksheet contains number lines from 0 to 20. Five number lines are provided.

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-10 to 0 Worksheet

This range located on these lines are -10 to 0. Five of these guys are lined up for you ready to go.

-10 to 10 Working Practice

We add a lot more tick marks in here than on the previous sheet.

Blank Number Lines (10 Segments)

This worksheet includes blank segments for you to fill in however you would like to.

0 to 15 Worksheet

This sheet has a complete rangle of 0 to 15.

-15 to 0 Focus Task

This one goes in the exact opposite direction of the last sheet.

Blank 20 Segments

This worksheet includes blank lines with 20 segments.

0 to 20 Worksheet

This printable marks out the range of 0 to 20.

-20 to 0 Range

Why not crawl from the bottom up to zero from this line? The range here is -20 to 0.

Blank Number Lines 20 Intervals

This worksheet includes blank lines with 20 intervals.

0 to 5 Worksheet

This is more of a starter sheet for younger students that are not use to working in this environment.

-5 to 0 Scale

Five lines labelled from negative five to zero.

-5 to 5 Worksheet

We see-saw between the absolute value of five on this one.

Number Lines 5 Blanks

We use a bolder line and tick marks than previous sheets.

0 to 10 Missing Values

Students will fill in the missing numbers between 0 to 10.

-10 to 0 Unknown Values

Students will fill in the missing values between -10 to 0.

0 to 15 Missing Values

Make sure to fill in any missing numbers between 0 to 15.

0 to 15 Practice

Fill her up with all the missing values.

-15 to 0 Sheet

As has been the trend find the missing values.

0 to 20 Practice

What is lacking on this line?

0 to 20

This is the common range to start with.

0 to 5 Activity

A great place to start students off after you introduce the numbering system.

-5 to 0 Sheet

Same concept as the last sheet, but we push the range in the other direction: -5 to 0.

-5 to 5 Sheet

Why not balance between this range: -5 to 5.