The worksheets on this page all work on comparing integers, and even decimals and fractions too.

To display our understanding of data we often have to compare the value of integers or data sets. These values can be in fraction, decimal, or percentage form as well. We usually will compare data by saying one side is greater than or less than the other data that is present. One neat little trick that I learned in grade school was that when you are comparing anything with greater than or less than symbols, simply point the arrow towards whatever is smaller. For example if you were compare 23 to 84. 23 is smaller, so using symbols we would point towards 23: (23 < 84). Another trick is what I like to call the crocodile method. I call it the crocodile method because one of the main differences between a crocodile and an alligator is the shape of their snout. Crocodiles have a V-shaped snout while alligators have U-shaped snouts. If we consider the lines of the greater than and less than symbols as a crocodile’s jaws, we just need to remember that the croc. always eats the larger number. For example, if we were to compare the values 7 and 3. The croc. would eat the larger value, in this case 7 > 3. Remember the crocodile always wants the biggest meal possible.

The worksheet topics below are ordered by difficulty. If you are introducing the concept start at the top, as you get more advanced move down the page for the more advanced topics. Below you will find all of our greater than less than worksheets. In most cases, you will be comparing whole numbers or simple integers. We will also have you find which inequalities and expressions are less than or greater than.

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Greater Than Less Than Worksheet Categories

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Comparing Two Numbers

This is the basic starting point for this concept. We have added the aid of visuals and number lines to make it more concrete for learners.

Comparing Objects

The is the concept introduction with the help of items and groups of items.

Ordering Numbers

This topic takes counting skills to a whole new level. Understanding place value can help a great deal here.

Comparing Whole Numbers

This topic starts out by having you order a series of integers. We advance to playing a number mystery game that really makes you think.

Comparing Integers (Thousands Place)

You will compare values that consist of a combination of ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place values.

Compare Larger Numbers

You will compare very large integers in this section.

Comparing the Values of Money

We start to compare values that matter to kids. The greatest value is the one you would rather have in your pocket.

Visually Comparing Decimals

Use the number ruler lines to help you solve these problems. This serves as a nice opening to a decimal number system unit.

Comparing Fractions

You will need to know how to reduce fractions to work on this section.

Compare and Order Decimals, Percentages and Fractions

This is not as easy as it looks. You need to compare values that are in different number formats.

Comparing Negative Integers

This is one of the toughest concepts to get. Negative values can be best related to students through the concept of measuring temperature.

Comparing Algebraic Expressions

This is the most advanced topic in the section.