The worksheets found on this page focus on the rules of numeracy and basic arithmetic.

The worksheets on this page focus on real numbers. They are values that are representative of some value that can be found on a number line. The most commonly taught properties in the Commutative Property of both addition and multiplication. Those properties basically reinforce the common mathematically rule that order does not matter as long as the operations have not changed. Another well discussed property is the Associative Property of addition and multiplication. This expands the concept of regrouping with parenthesis (normally). The minute students begin to learn multiplication the zero property of multiplication is instantly engrained in their memory. When we begin to learn negative numbers and operations with them, the Additive Inverse Property appears. We seldom hear that property being named in classrooms today.

Below you worksheets that highlight the use of the Associative, Commutative, Distributive, Operations and Numeracy rules, and the Division Principle.

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Properties of Numbers Worksheets

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