Printable worksheets for students that work on learning about patterns in math and basic observations.

There are a number of techniques that you can use to improve your ability to recognize patterns in number sequences. Strong recognition skills come from great anticipation skills. You are basically asking yourself what should come next to make that logical. The first thing you can do to improve this is to practice with quick brain games as much as possible. You should make sure that you are just not practicing with numbers, but are using symbols, pictures, and even music. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. Recognizing patterns are the key role of many elite successful people throughout the world. Patterns are not often obvious and easy to identify. It is much easier when we know what we are looking for, but almost impossible when we don’t have a clue that a pattern even exists. Many times patterns will work in a constant 1-2 constraint. A basic example of this would be a pattern that adds a number and then removes a different integer or value. One thing that all patterns have in common is that there is a constant operation or series of operations scattered within the pattern itself.

When we are looking for numeric or qualitative patterns it is often very helpful to look at the first half of values or subjects presented and ask ourselves how they relate to one another. Start with identifying the value between the first value or subject and all the others. Then move on to the second value and rinse and repeat that procedure. The worksheets below will work on identifying patterns within colors, numeric operations, and basic shapes that you are presented with.

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Pattern Worksheet Categories

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Color Patterns

In this section you will objects that are a certain color and you will try to determine the sequence of color.

Color Pattern File Folder Games

This helps you setup a math center or independent activity all you need is a manilla file folder, scissors, and some glue.

Counting Sequences

This is as basic as it gets there are missing digit in counting sequences.

Number Rule Puzzles

The numbers in the table are connected by a simple rule. You need to decode the rule and either write it as a equation or find the missing values.

Number Sequencing

This is a kindergarten skill that builds up from basic counting.

Patterns File Folder Games

Another fun math center that has you match the patterns on the circle to square. Place each circle inside square.

Patterns on Number Lines

This helps lead students to the right answers. We include some color in there too.

Patterns in Math Operations

You first have to determine the operation that is present and then determine the male rule that is being exhibited.

Patterns in Shapes

Geometric shapes offer another aspect by including observation skills to the mix.