These worksheets work with skills that include both logarithms and logarithmic functions.

What Are Logarithms? As you move ahead in the field of advanced mathematics, you will come across problems that you must solve quickly to move ahead. One of those problems is the logarithm. A logarithm is defined as the power of which a number needs to be raised to get another number. For instance, the base-ten logs of the 100 value are 2, because you know that 10 raised to the power 2 is 100, i.e. log⁡100=2 Now, this method of solving logarithm is known as a base-ten logarithm. If you consider the base unit algorithm, the base unit is the number being raised to a power. Let's consider an example where the base two logs of nine are 3 since two raised to the power three is equal to 27. log2⁡9 = 3

Many students will lose their minds the second you introduce logarithms. I really think it's because teachers often don't spend enough time explaining what they are and what they are used for. I was guilty of this my first three years of teaching for sure. Once I spent the extra day explain what logarithms are students stopped panicking about them. Logarithms are the power you raise a number in order to get some other number. That's it! I think students see the word "log" next to numbers and it confuses their whole being. Scroll down to see all of our available logarithm worksheets. We have a pretty solid collection for you that includes. You will be asked to calculate the value of logs, understand how expressions fit into the mix and best of all are our logarithm word problems.

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Logarithms Worksheet Categories

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Determine the Value of Logarithms

I feel that calculators often confuse students with this, but it also pulls them away from understanding the applications of this in the field.

Express Logarithmic Form in Exponential Forms

This section shows you how they are basically inverses of one another. We provide you a number of different ways to understand the concept.

Logarithm Word Problems

The financial applications of this skill are boundless. You will find acess to over a hundred word problems within this concept.

Logarithmic Functions

As you advance in your math career you will see that this is mostly a simplification skill, but it definitely will save you tons of time.

Solve For the Unknown Logarithm

We have been solving for variables over the last few years. This just goes all next level with it.

Why Do We Learn Logarithms?

This form of math was invented at a time when calculators were not so readily available. When you are working with complex operations of five, six, or even seven-digit values this form of math comes in really handy. They take a lot of the work off the person calculating and rely on the concept of the base ten system. It can also be used a way of notating very large or small values for yourself. Since they are built off of the base ten system, they can save you quite a few zeroes. Even though calculators and smart phones with them are pretty much everywhere, logarithms are still super helpful because they are the inverse of exponential functions and can help us speed up our ability to complete them. While this isn’t a skill every single career uses day in and day out, if you find yourself in a math, financial, science, or technology related field you will find this a critical skill you will use some time along your week.