In this section we explore math expressions through a collective of printable worksheets.

An expression is a series of integers, operations, and in some cases symbols that are piled together to create a value of some kind. Expressions do not have equal signs or inequalities. Expressions help us to better understand the world around us by stating problems that we can explore and mathematically determine the value or truth of. We can use mathematically expressions to model and describe real world situations. Especially when we have one or two unknown values. The first thing you need to do to describe this situation is determine what is the unknown variable in your situation. Once you have identified the unknown describe it as a variable and write a variable expression to describe the condition of the system that you are exploring. This is a skill that gets much easier as you take your time and practice it. It is a good idea to practice by just writing mathematically expressions to model math statements. An example of this would be writing an expression to model the sentence: 6 more than the product of 2 and a number. If we choose y as our unknown variable, we can write this as: 6 + (2 x y).

Expressions are basically mathematical phrases. A way to describe the world around us or math based situations that we come across. For example, what if you had a 16 inch piece of wood that is 2 inches too big for a corner piece of the deck. To express this mimetically we could write the expression 16 inches - 2 inches is our desired size or 16 - 2. These worksheets will help you learn how to model and solve situations just like this.

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Math Expressions Worksheet Categories

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Add and Subtract Rational Expressions

If the have the same denominators, just find the sum or difference between their numerators. Otherwise we move on to step two of this skill.

Comparing Expressions

There are a number of different ways to do this we look at how to use models in addition to processing sample operations.

Comparing Algebraic Expressions

Solving the problem on each side of the comparison works, but you can also use several other means that we will show you.

Evaluating Expressions

You will often have to use substitute variables to work these things all the way through.

Evaluating Variable Expressions

A fancy word used to describe any math statement that does not contain an equal symbol but does have an unknown variable.

Exponential Expressions and Equations

When exponents come in and try to take over. They have the power!

Expressions with Fractional Exponents

These will easily create square roots and cube roots of base numbers.

Equation or Expression Situations

Learn how to model real world events and solve for unknowns with these worksheets.

Multiplying Rational (Fractional) Expressions

It is all about rearranging problems to suit your needs.

Number Line Expression

A great way to understand what is going on and being able to see it visually.

Simplifying Expressions

Start by combining like terms and processing any reductions that are needed. That is pretty much it.

Visual Expressions

This is really helpful for your visual learners.

Writing Expressions and Equations

The is the most rudimentary form of writing these bad boys to help us solve problems.